Q3 Media Report for MACIAS PR – Media Deliverables

NEW YORK – October 1, 2018 – (Newswire.com)  The top tech and healthcare PR firm — MACIAS PR — has released its quarterly media report, detailing the coverage it secured for clients from July to September 2018.

MACIAS PR secured TV segments, newspaper and online features that targeted Millennials, women, fitness conscious consumers, voters, theatergoers and enterprise with stories in Bustle, CBS NEWS, Women’s ENews, Now This and others.

A local TV station in Baltimore, Channel 2, ran a long feature on the firm’s nonprofit client that promoted their summer educational tech program, while NY1 ran a segment on a play that MACIAS PR is promoting to New Yorkers.

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Publicity for Congressional Candidates – Targeting Voters

By Michelle Soriano

Black women are changing the face of politics. MACIAS PR leveraged this narrative to secure a prominent media placement for our political client who is running for Congress. The headline for the story said it all: Blue Party say Hello to the Black Wave.

News One reaches more than 10 million unique visitors per month, with the majority African Americans. It’s one of the largest online platform for the African American community.

The article MACIAS PR secured revolved around three female Black politicians who are changing the face of the Democratic party. The report also included open dialogue about a shift in thinking among party leaders – and how our client is one of the few leading the movement.

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Best PR People are Story Tellers – First


By Mark Macias

What’s the best trait you should look for when hiring a PR firm? Do you think it’s contacts? Maybe location? What about the number of people devoted to your account?

Based on my career with NBC, CBS and owning a PR firm, I’d say it is none of those qualities. The most critical factor that leads to media placements – inside and outside the media – is story ideas.

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Why NYC is Great for PR Firms

By Mark Macias

It’s one thing to observe Manhattan from a safe distance; it’s another thing to experience the energy and vitality of this City when you’re in the middle of the storm.

Today, a late afternoon spring storm hit Manhattan and you could feel the gush of life on every street corner. The above photo was taken from across the river in New Jersey.

There are many great cities in our awesome country. Los Angeles, Miami, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, San Diego, Washington, DC, New Orleans, Houston. My PR firm has run media campaigns in all of those cities. Every new city is a fun adventure.

But New York City is special from a media perspective. If you walk in Midtown during the day, you can feel the bustle and energy in the air. Stand outside Fox News or NBC News and you might see a famous news anchor, or even Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show.

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Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes – PR Analysis

By Mark Macias

Here’s some quick thought-leadership advice on your content marketing campaign. I see clients and potential clients fall for this short-term fix all the time.

Don’t allow other competitors or industries to leverage your own blog and the exposure it brings. I received an email this weekend from a publicists, asking if she could write a post for our company blog. Here was her request, and why you shouldn’t fall for a similar request.

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How to Get your Brand into the TV Conversation – Analysis

By Mark Macias

The best PR firms continually brainstorm on the most creative angles for news stories. We do it for clients and we do it for our own PR firm.

I was recently on the PIX 11 Morning Show in NYC, promoting a mobile app that MACIAS PR created for consumers. Our mobile app, Blush No More, gets consumers into the conversation when they run out of things to say. (You can watch the video below). What happens when you run out of things to say at that cocktail party or networking event? You turn to Blush No More for conversation topics that keep the conversation moving forward.

For MACIAS PR, this app provided our firm with a new narrative that got us on local TV in several markets. Our campaign also led to prominent international news placements with Yahoo China, GQ in Germany, The Daily Mail in the UK and others.

So how does this international, national and local coverage help MACIAS PR?

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MACIAS PR Releases 4th Quarter Media Report

NEW YORK, January 3, 2018 (Newswire.com) – The top tech and healthcare PR firm — MACIAS PR — has released its quarterly media report, detailing the coverage it secured for clients from October to December 2017.

In the fourth quarter, MACIAS PR secured news stories and TV segments with 7 On Your Side in Washington, D.C., PIX 11 Morning Show in New York, News 12 in New Jersey, Channel 11 in Pittsburgh, the New York Post, Home Business Magazine, Metro New York, American Journal of Managed Care, Mobihealthnews, Digital Journal and others.

The NYC PR firm also placed a thought leadership editorial in Forbes, where its financial client gave business owners advice on alternative lending options.

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How to Get a Story in Forbes – PR Analysis

By Mark Macias

Forbes is one of the most influential publications when it comes to reaching business leaders. The publication also employs some of the smartest journalists in the biz, making it that much harder to secure placements.

Today, MACIAS PR secured a thought leadership placement with Forbes. Read the editorial, Thinking of Starting a Business in 2018? Here’s your Introduction to Alternative Lending, by clicking here.

This was the fifth media placement MACIAS PR secured with Forbes in 2017. Hopefully that track records provides a little more proof on why there is substance behind this advice.

Here’s some insight on how MACIAS PR secured that story with Forbes.

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What was PR like in the 1920s? This fun video imagines.

By Mark Macias

PR is definitely getting more complicated as the media landscape becomes more fragmented. The days of pushing an advertisement or commercial to the largest media outreach are over. Now, you need to be strategic with identifying with your audience is located.

MACIAS PR recently put together this fun short video that follows an aspiring actress in the 1920s. (You can watch the video below). In the short, a woman is in pursuit of fame, but she doesn’t know where to begin. Until, she meets a young man who tells her about the word “Publicist.”

The word “publicist” probably didn’t exist in the 1920s, but the act of promoting people and businesses was definitely around.

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How News Stories help with SEO

By Mark Macias

Earlier today, MACIAS PR was quoted in a USA Today article as a crisis management expert. Sure, this national exposure will raise the awareness of our brand, but let me tell you where this news story will help us most: SEO.

About a decade ago, there was a big push by all businesses to get back-links to their website. At the time, Google used back-links to assess the value of a website. If it was in a news article, Google’s algorithm gave the website a higher search placement. Makes sense. If USA Today thinks your business is valuable enough to post a link to your website, Google rightly assumed it must have more value than traditional websites.

Then, SEO firms caught onto this back-link game and effectively diluted the value of back-links. Of course, Google is smart, so they changed the SEO game.

Today, you don’t need a back link from a news site to improve your SEO. Google got a patent a few years ago that allows them to assess the value of any website based on mentions in news stories. Continue reading “How News Stories help with SEO”