Holiday PR – Getting your Product on the News for holidays

By Mark Macias

What are the best ways to get your retail products in front of potential customers for the holidays?

During my time with NBC and CBS, I was bombarded with gifts and story ideas for potential holiday gift segments. And I wasn’t alone.

Producers, reporters and editors are now getting story ideas pitched to them around the holidays. It can be one of the most difficult times of the year for coverage – unless you execute the publicity campaing right.

MACIAS PR ran a targeted local media campaign for an Internet retailer that was trying to sell their product as gifts for the holidays. Our targeted campaign led to big TV segments and stories in New York with FOX 5, PIX 11, Metro New York, Urban Daddy, Self Magazine, Well & Good Magazine, and others. So how did we do it?

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Empire State Building and PR – What they have in Common

By Mark Macias

What does the Empire State Building have to do with PR? They both require a solid foundation to withstand the scrutiny of time.

MACIAS PR is located across the street from the Empire State Building, so every day I’m reminded of how to sustain an empire over time. Over the years, many buildings and businesses in Manhattan have come and gone, yet the Empire State Building remains.

That’s because of its foundation.

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The MACIAS PR Depth – Our Expertise and Strategy

By Mark Macias

The depth and expertise of MACIAS PR goes deeper than most other PR firms.

If you look at our roster depth – and the types of media campaigns we run – you will see a diverse portfolio of clients. And not just in simplistic B2C industries, but also complicated B2B industries.

MACIAS PR has led media campaigns for Congressional candidates, dating apps, consumer products and apps, weight loss programs, compliance and law firms. We’ve also run B2B media campaigns for pharma, healthcare and healthtech platforms.

Despite the diversity of those clients, one thing remains consistent. MACIAS PR continually delivers tier one placements with the biggest name in news. So how do we do it?

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Noom’s PR Firm – Team Behind their PR Success

By Mark Macias

The industry trade, PR Week, just published a feature on Noom and the PR push that is getting national attention. (You can read article here).

We pitched the publication a behind-the-scenes look at an upcoming media blitz on the digital health app that seemed to come out of no where. It was less than 2 years ago when few consumers had heard of Noom.

When MACIAS PR first met with Noom, the weight loss program was struggling to stand out among competitors. Their previous PR firm – one of the country’s largest public relations firms for healthcare – couldn’t get them any major placements. That’s when their CEO turned to MACIAS PR.

We relished the opportunity. Since then, Noom has been on CNBC, People Magazine, CNN, the NBC Today Show, Men’s Health – and that’s just in the last six months. MACIAS PR also secured publicity in the B2B space, including prominent stories with: The American Journal of Managed Care, Mobihealthnews, Fierce Biotech, FW Pharma, M Health Intelligence and Med City News.

Our PR team made it look easy, but it wasn’t. Our strategy and execution was driven by this firm’s insider knowledge of the media. We continually – week in and week out – looked for stories that would make news. MACIAS PR dove into the weight loss space daily, making sure we were on top of the news cycle.

And it worked.

Closer Look at MACIAS PR – and our Media and PR Campaign for Noom

The best PR agencies continually look for strategies that are aligned with a client’s goals. When it came to Noom, MACIAS PR took a deep dive into their B2C and B2B business models. We then researched angles that supported that messaging.

Initially, MACIAS PR focused the media message around Noom and how it was serving diabetics. This gave our messaging an advantage over competitors. Over time, we expanded the messaging to reach more women and other demographics that were using the weight loss program.

MACIAS PR never pushed promotional material or generic stories. There were many times when others wanted us to promote advertisements. As a former Executive Producer with NBC, I explained why that wouldn’t work. Journalists can spot a commercial a mile away. News value is what sells stories, and we stuck with that approach.

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