What has your PR Firm Delivered? Our 4th Quarter Media Report

By Mark Macias

What has your PR firm delivered lately? Here are the media deliverables Macias PR secured for our clients in the 4th quarter of 2016.

From September to December, our team secured a record number of TV placements for our clients – a total of 17 TV segments in seven different TV markets. It’s not easy securing a TV segment on the local news. It’s even harder delivering a TV story in a different market. Oh, and our clients are in different sectors, making this trifecta even more challenging.

But Macias PR did it. We secured TV segments on the local news in the #1 news market New York, as well as in Miami, Orlando and Tampa Bay, Florida; Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas and with the national news outlet, Fox Business News.

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Media Training – Advice for Interviews with Journalists

By Mark Macias

In business, you need to know your customer to succeed. The more you know where they are, what they want, their pain points, the more success you will have with business development. It’s no different when speaking with the media. You will have more success with the message if you understand their targeted audience.

I’m usually on the call with every client as they speak with reporters or TV producers about their story. I always brief my clients on the type of reporter they are speaking with, which will impact their messaging.

For example, if you’re speaking with a consumer TV producer, you won’t want to go in-depth. You want to keep the message focused around the consumer and how it helps them. You don’t want to do a deep dive into the details unless the reporter asks.

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Digital Media Strategy for New Business

By Mark Macias

Digital strategy is the popular buzz phrase in business, but what exactly does that mean? And how do you create a digital media strategy?

A digital media strategy is essentially a new business approach that leverages technology. It’s another method for introducing your product or services to clients, using technology.

There are many digital strategies – using mobile apps, analytics, big data, enterprise platforms, mobile websites, videos, social media, CRM solutions (also known as Customer Relationship Management solutions), etc. But for simplicity sake, let’s break down how a digital media strategy can work for your business using the most popular digital media approaches.

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Biggest Mistakes Digital Marketing Firms Make

By Mark Macias

Social media should not be outsourced to just any person or digital marketing firms. The message is an extension of your brand and business, and should always be regarded as a platform for potential customers to evaluate your product or services.

Your digital marketing firm should also have a branding strategy for reaching new customers. Posting links to your website on social media is not a branding strategy. It’s a lazy approach that reflects poorly on your brand and creativity.

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