Leveraging Influencers with Digital Strategy

By Mark Macias

Leveraging influencers is all the rage with right now digital strategy, even when it’s not always the best, targeted approach.

Yes, influencer campaigns can work well and raise the profile of your tech brand but it’s not for every brand or industry. Some brands are better off going the traditional route.

First, here’s how influencers can be leveraged successfully and how my PR firm executed a digital campaign with a tech startup.

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Unconventional PR Tactics – VLOG

By Mark Macias

There are many unconventional PR tactics that can get your brand or product directly in front of consumers and they don’t involve the traditional media. One digital strategy approach that is frequently overlooked involves targeting editors who manage newsletter blasts for news organizations. These editors are frequently looking for content that is unique to their website. If your idea appeals to their targeted audience, you will have a better chance of securing publicity through this medium.

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Healthcare PR – Why Experience Matters (video)

By Mark Macias

Personality matters in life but it will only get you so far with PR, especially with healthcare PR. Here’s a short video blog that explains why healthcare journalists are some of the most difficult reporters and producers to pitch. They scrutinize stories with a scalpel.

Here’s how to improve your media coverage with healthcare and health tech stories. #AlwaysFreshPR