Healthcare PR in B2B – Used for Business Development

By Amanda Anderson

PR is not just for consumer driven industries. Companies with a B2B focus can also benefit from media exposure by targeting industry trades with strong story angles.

Macias PR secured a story today for our healthcare client in a B2B publication – HR Daily Advisor – which reaches more than 240,000 Human Resource professionals, according to their website.

The article educated HR professionals on how a government-supported wellness program could lower their healthcare costs. The story also explained how the program could help employees become healthier and boost morale with the program. And for those HR professionals who didn’t know about the program, the article explained how it works and how to participate in the program via our client. Continue reading “Healthcare PR in B2B – Used for Business Development”

Consumer PR – Position Your Brand as Consumer Segment

By Marta Majstorovic

ABC 7 is the most watched news channel in the tri-state area, with more adult viewers – ages 25-54 – watching the “Eyewitness News at 6,” according to WABC’s website.

7 On Your Side with Nina Pineda is a highly promoted consumer segment that runs inside of their afternoon newscasts.

Last week, our digital healthcare client was featured in a 2-minute segment that educated viewers how this mobile tool can save consumers money on prescription drugs.

Pineda told viewers how they can use the mobile app to locate pharmacies and price compare in their neighborhood. She also talked about how easy it is to use and how useful the free mobile app. The reporter even interviewed a pharmacist who talked about how this mobile app is helpful for people who buy generic brands. Continue reading “Consumer PR – Position Your Brand as Consumer Segment”

Growing your Business with PR – CEO Perspective

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A CEO looks at life differently. Here’s why it makes a difference with PR

By Mark Macias

With Macias PR, you’re not working with a junior account executive. You are always working directly with the owner of the firm – an experienced media strategist who has a financial stake in your success. There is a quantitative and qualitative difference when it comes to working with a media strategist who is financially aligned with your goals.

During my time as an Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York, junior publicists would always pitch me story ideas that had no editorial or news value. I could discern quickly that many of these publicists didn’t have a stake in the company. In some cases, they didn’t even have a personal interest in their client.

They were doing PR to pay the bills. Continue reading “Growing your Business with PR – CEO Perspective”

Creative PR Leads to More Media Placements

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Creative PR. Here is how Macias PR can drive more media coverage for your business.

By Mark Macias

Where do you find your inspiration? When it comes to positioning your brand with the media, creativity plays a crucial role in whether the media covers your business or ignores it.

There is an old saying in the media that every journalist – at sometime in his life – repeats.

“Different day, same story.”

At some point in a reporter’s life, he will accept that he can’t find a new story every single day in his career. That’s when he or she usually starts to take a unique or different approach to the problem. Continue reading “Creative PR Leads to More Media Placements”

Who is the Publicist Leading your PR campaign?

By Mark Macias

No one likes losing a deal to a competitor – and we’re no different at Macias PR. We want to win every deal because we are competitive.

But recently, we have been getting more calls from companies that spoke with us earlier in the year and realized they made a mistake. It happened again earlier this month when a healthcare company said they weren’t happy with their current PR firm and planned to leave them.

I asked the business contact what happened? What went wrong? Continue reading “Who is the Publicist Leading your PR campaign?”

Strategies for Business Development – Advertising, Networking & PR

By Mark Macias

What is your business development strategy? Whether we like it or not, every business has to find a way to get our brand in front of customers. I always tell potential clients there are roughly three ways to get your name in front of clients.

  1. You advertise.
  2. You network and try to sell your services in person.
  3. You leverage the media.

Continue reading “Strategies for Business Development – Advertising, Networking & PR”

How to Fix your Online Brand

By Mark Macias

Over the years, many business owners and personalities have approached my firm for help, asking if we could alter history. They wanted to see if we could remove negative new stories or photos that no longer meshed with their brand.

Even as the owner of a PR firm, I frequently get spam from reputation management companies, promising they can remove negative stories on my business from the web. I want to break the news to them: unless you’re a hacker, it’s physically impossible to remove photos or news stories from another web server where the content is stored. (Unless of course, you get a court order, but that’s a strategy for another day).

If you look deeper into these reputation management firms, they aren’t actually promising to remove the article or image. They are taking a tactic that tries to push the story or image off the first page of search engines. Continue reading “How to Fix your Online Brand”

The PR App – The Best PR Firms

The tech news aggregator, Technewswires, has launched a business tool to help business owners identify the best PR firms for their industry based on their budget.

The free mobile too, called The PR App, breaks down the best PR firms into 20 groups: boutique, small, medium and large firms. It also breaks down PR firms by industries – financial, healthcare, not-for-profit, service sector/retail and technology.

TechNewswires says it did not receive any compensation from PR firms named in The PR App. Continue reading “The PR App – The Best PR Firms”