Why Perspective Matters when it comes to PR and Media

The way you frame a story will always influence whether the media covers it. This is where perspective plays a role in how – or if – your story gets told.

Different stories need to be told through a different lense. For example, a CEO editorial must convey thought leadership from a perspective based on experience and insight. Likewise, a consumer brand trying to reach Millennials or women must connect with a perspective that their targeted customer understands. On the surface, it might sound simplistic, but execution and nuance run deeper than the the surface.

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The PR Value of a Logo and Its Meaning

By Mark Macias

Like most PR campaigns, a solid logo or brand begins with your identity. What does your business stand for? Why is your product or service different than your competitors? And what do you want clients or customers to think when your brand is stated.

When we first designed our logo, we put a lot of thought into how we want to be perceived by the public. I’ve always told our team that we may not be the largest PR firm, but we are the smartest PR firm. Our strategy always goes deeper. We don’t rely solely on personality or contacts when it comes to media stories – though we try to be funny on the phone with journalists we know. Instead, we put on our investigative hat and look for enterprise angles that solid and experienced journalists would want to pursue.

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