What is it like working in TV News?

By Mark Macias

Throughout my TV career with NBC and CBS, publicists used to ask me in private: why don’t producers and reporters ever respond to my emails or phone calls?

Journalists, producers, reporters and writers get a ton of unsolicited emails every day. I’m sure you know that. Let me tell you something you don’t know.

This morning, I texted a long-time colleague from CBS and asked her about a TV segment she had already shot on my client. The story is shot, so the hardest and most difficult work is essentially done. I had texted her earlier in the week, and got no response.

Had I been your typical publicist, I would probably would have assumed she didn’t care. But I know this reporter well. I know she likes the story and she’s also a personal friend.

This morning, she responded.

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How to Get Your Story on a Local News Station

By Julia Martyn

Local news stations are always seeking current and consumer friendly stories to share with their viewers. 9 On Your Side, a WNCT news station that reaches all of eastern North Carolina, recently ran a TV segment featuring one of our clients – a mobile app that gives consumers the prices for any RX drug in their area.

A story in the local news requires a different media strategy than a TV segment on a national news outlet, like CNN or Fox. More often than not, a local station will run a story that voices concerns or offers advice that will benefit the viewers in their area specifically. As a media strategist, you need to always be aware of the local landscape and position your story in the center of it.

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How to Get a Story in Forbes

By: Amanda Anderson

Forbes Magazine is a brand of journalism that reaches influential consumers and business leaders. A feature in this publication instantly raises your profile, lends credibility to your brand and introduces your product or service directly to influencers.

No amount of money can buy a news feature with this publication. Sure, you can buy an ad in Forbes for $114,421, according to Alliance for Audited Media, but that doesn’t bring the credibility as an actual news story.

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