How PR helps you reach Investors – Statistical Look

Practically every hedge fund, private equity and asset management firm needs to reach investors. They can continue to go through friends, or maybe meet new investors through conferences, but there is one place that reaches all investors. A targeted media approach through Financial PR can introduce your fund or services to investors faster than any other approach. This video takes a closer look at how the media influences investors and their decision-making.

Top PR Firm in NYC – Finance Monthly Picks only one Firm

Macias PR was proud to be named the 2015 top “PR Consultant Firm of the Year – USA” by Finance Monthly. We were the only PR firm named among the Top US Firms┬áby their financial journalists, based on our approach, expertise, media deliverables and innovation.

So who is Macias PR? Here’s a little sizzle reel on our city and life.

A Statistical Comparison of PR vs. Advertising

If you are trying to get downloads for your mobile app, or you are in dire need of exposure, you can use advertising or PR. How do these two marketing approaches compare when you measure their ROI? This video takes a closer look at tech PR and how it performs better than advertising, especially when you are trying to gain downloads.