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How are you telling your story?

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Your logo, artwork, website, tagline and messaging reinforce the image of your brand. MACIAS PR has produced ads and videos that have run in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Metro and Observer Newspapers. Here are a few examples of how we helped previous clients better sell their products and services with visuals.

Animated Ads

Website Design

Promotional Tie-Ins


  • Hospitality Video

    Hospitality Video

  • Sales Video

    Sales Video

  • Underground Buzz

    Underground Buzz

  • Fashion Video

    Fashion Video

  • Political Video

    Political Video

  • Non-Profit Video

    Non-Profit Video

  • Comedy Club Video

    Comedy Club Video

  • Wine Bar Video

    Wine Bar Video

  • Cosmetic Treatment

    Cosmetic Treatment

  • Nightclub Video

    Nightclub Video

  • Retailer Video

    Retailer Video

  • Book Publisher Video

    Book Publisher Video

  • Spanish Video

    Spanish Video

  • Hotel Promo Video

    Hotel Promo Video

  • Video Compilation

    Video Compilation