PR is like a River when it comes to Consistent Media Placements

By Mark Macias

A consistent and successful media campaign is like a river. It must continually move and replenish itself with new ideas. A fast-moving river lures you in with its sound, smell and eyes – and essentially appeals to your senses.

The best PR campaigns must also appeal to those same sensories.

Duration builds relationships with clients, but when it comes to media campaigns, time can frequently make campaigns more challenging.

How do you continually find that next big idea for the media interested? This is when brainstorming and curiosity become a major factor.

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PR Mistakes – Branding and Crisis Lessons from Airbnb

By Mark Macias

Airbnb has a powerful brand but its leadership team is making a crucial mistake that has the potential to destroy its revenue model.

I recently wrote an editorial for Luxury Daily that took a behind-the-scenes look at how the home sharing service is losing the media war.  Here’s a quick look at the 5 PR and branding mistakes Airbnb is making. Entrepreneurs and marketing executives can learn a lot from it.

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How PR directly Impacts your Brand and Leadership

By Mark Macias

There are PR and branding lessons everywhere we look. Branding and crisis PR doesn’t just take place in the media. The value of branding is also reinforced in the arts.

In the play Wicked, there are two witches – Galinda who is always conscious of how her image impacts the way others view witches. And like all the best stories, Wicked also has bad witch. Elphaba never understands in the play how a more positive PR image could help her achieve her goals.

It’s a lesson that applies to business owners.

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How to get your Story on CNBC – PR Analysis

By Ariana Benhuri

CNBC is a global business news source with a reputation that is unrivaled. It’s typically the first source for executives when it comes to updates on the markets and business news.

Earlier this month, CNBC published a story that took a closer look at how technology was disrupting the weight loss industry. Much of the feature was focused around our digital health client and their technology. The story talked about how our client is more innovative in their weight loss approach. It’s a more virtual and personal approach that is customized.

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