Why Press Releases Aren’t Enough for Media Attention

Yes, you read that title right. While press releases can help get an achievement or update on the record — and is great for content marketing — it is less likely to lead to attention from the media.

Here’s why: Reporters, producers, editors and journalists aren’t turning to PR Newswire for story ideas. Plus, they know press releases are a more sophisticated approach to advertising.

Every successful media campaign will require a media outreach. PR Newswire sources might tell you that your press release will reach reporters, but that is very misleading based on my experience as an Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York

A great PR approach understands the value in reaching out to reporters via email, phone calls, social media – or even texts. Pitching directly to media is especially important for smaller businesses, including startups.

The PR Rules at MACIAS PR and Dealing with the Media

While it’s true that there are no rules when it comes to media coverage, there are guidelines our team at MACIAS PR continually follow for our PR strategy. They include: identifying unique angles and characters needed for the story, and pitching stories internally before we reach out to media. Not to mention, we focus our PR strategy mostly on editorial principles that news organizations follow.

Ultimately, a prominent feature in a targeted publication is better than any press release. Do you want to hear how MACIAS PR can leverage your customers or clients directly to the media? Send us a note and we’ll schedule a strategy call. Or, if you want a PR estimate, click here.

Finance Monthly and ACQ5 5 – an international industry award – named Macias PR the 2017 Strategic PR Firm of the Year, and PR Firm of the Year – USA. This was the third year in a row that Finance Monthly recognized our firm. The founder – Mark Macias – is a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. He is also a PR contributor with CNBC, providing media analysis, insight and crisis advice on timely business topics.

Why NYC is Great for PR Firms

By Mark Macias

It’s one thing to observe Manhattan from a safe distance; it’s another thing to experience the energy and vitality of this City when you’re in the middle of the storm.

Today, a late afternoon spring storm hit Manhattan and you could feel the gush of life on every street corner. The above photo was taken from across the river in New Jersey.

There are many great cities in our awesome country. Los Angeles, Miami, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, San Diego, Washington, DC, New Orleans, Houston. My PR firm has run media campaigns in all of those cities. Every new city is a fun adventure.

But New York City is special from a media perspective. If you walk in Midtown during the day, you can feel the bustle and energy in the air. Stand outside Fox News or NBC News and you might see a famous news anchor, or even Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show.

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Working with a Founder vs an Account Executive – PR Firms

By Mark Macias

There are many PR Firms out there, but when it comes to choosing your partner, I’d like to tell you directly why you get better results working with MACIAS PR over others.

I hope by now you have reviewed our website and learned this firm was founded by a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. There aren’t very many PR firms that can say that – in fact, I don’t know of any that can say that.

We know our competition – and you rarely see on their website detailed experience within the media. If you read over their websites closely, you will see how they paint their media experience with an extremely broad brush. Continue reading “Working with a Founder vs an Account Executive – PR Firms”

MACIAS PR named the Strategic PR Firm of the Year by Industry Peers

MACIAS PR is proud to announce we have been honored as one of the best PR firms by the ACQ Global Awards.

More than 80,000 firms and individuals were nominated for the award but MACIAS PR was the only marketing and PR firm named “Strategic PR Firm of the Year.”

The ACQ Global Award is given by industry peers. In our situation, marketing and PR peers recognized MACIAS PR for our creative media campaigns that led to coverage with the biggest names in news.

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Healthcare PR in B2B – Used for Business Development

By Amanda Anderson

PR is not just for consumer driven industries. Companies with a B2B focus can also benefit from media exposure by targeting industry trades with strong story angles.

Macias PR secured a story today for our healthcare client in a B2B publication – HR Daily Advisor – which reaches more than 240,000 Human Resource professionals, according to their website.

The article educated HR professionals on how a government-supported wellness program could lower their healthcare costs. The story also explained how the program could help employees become healthier and boost morale with the program. And for those HR professionals who didn’t know about the program, the article explained how it works and how to participate in the program via our client. Continue reading “Healthcare PR in B2B – Used for Business Development”

Who is the Publicist Leading your PR campaign?

By Mark Macias

No one likes losing a deal to a competitor – and we’re no different at Macias PR. We want to win every deal because we are competitive.

But recently, we have been getting more calls from companies that spoke with us earlier in the year and realized they made a mistake. It happened again earlier this month when a healthcare company said they weren’t happy with their current PR firm and planned to leave them.

I asked the business contact what happened? What went wrong? Continue reading “Who is the Publicist Leading your PR campaign?”

How to Fix your Online Brand

By Mark Macias

Over the years, many business owners and personalities have approached my firm for help, asking if we could alter history. They wanted to see if we could remove negative new stories or photos that no longer meshed with their brand.

Even as the owner of a PR firm, I frequently get spam from reputation management companies, promising they can remove negative stories on my business from the web. I want to break the news to them: unless you’re a hacker, it’s physically impossible to remove photos or news stories from another web server where the content is stored. (Unless of course, you get a court order, but that’s a strategy for another day).

If you look deeper into these reputation management firms, they aren’t actually promising to remove the article or image. They are taking a tactic that tries to push the story or image off the first page of search engines. Continue reading “How to Fix your Online Brand”

The PR App – The Best PR Firms

The tech news aggregator, Technewswires, has launched a business tool to help business owners identify the best PR firms for their industry based on their budget.

The free mobile too, called The PR App, breaks down the best PR firms into 20 groups: boutique, small, medium and large firms. It also breaks down PR firms by industries – financial, healthcare, not-for-profit, service sector/retail and technology.

TechNewswires says it did not receive any compensation from PR firms named in The PR App. Continue reading “The PR App – The Best PR Firms”

Why Ad Blockers Make PR more Influential


By Mark Macias

Google Chrome is about to add a new feature that allows consumers to block ads from their browsers. (Read WSJ article here) Last year, Google earned $60 billion in revenue from online advertising, so if the search engine is about to block ads from their browsers, it’s something we should pay attention to.

Reaching your potential customers is about to get a lot harder if you rely on advertising. At the same time, PR is about to become more influential.

Consumers already disregard commercials on TV, and we’re now immune to ads that surround our environment. But it’s different with an actual news story. Continue reading “Why Ad Blockers Make PR more Influential”

How to Launch a Campaign – Under Budget

By Mark Macias

There are many ways to launch a media campaign so it is under-budget and efficient from the start. Here are four steps to ensure your PR Firm is continually working immediately after the contract is signed.

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