Helping a Local Story Go National Leveraging Affiliate Feeds

Media Insider Tactics

During my time as a local TV news producer, I had to come up with original ideas on a daily basis. Sometimes, the barrel was dry, and when that happened, I turned to the affiliate feeds for new ideas.

Every local TV station subscribes to affiliate feeds that deliver video and stories into their newsroom. If you can sell a story to the affiliate desk, you can have a story go national overnight.

Getting a story on the in-house or affiliate feed is more difficult than it sounds. It’s more than just calling up the affiliate desk and saying, “hey, can you put up the story?”

I won’t give away our insider tactics and approaches on this blog, but here is an example of how we used that approach to help a local story get more coverage around the country. If you watch the segment below, you can see how one affiliate feed story elevated the brand to a national stage.

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