Case Study for Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations require a different media strategy when it comes to generating publicity with news organizations. You have to throw out the marketing playbook and put on a news editorial hat if you want to get featured with the largest TV and news organizations. 

Unfortunately, they don’t want to publish a commercial on your nonprofit as much as you might think they should. This is why you need to dig deeper into the storyline to get your nonprofit noticed.

This case study looks at how MACIAS PR helped a NYC nonprofit expand into a national nonprofit over the course of 7+ years. 

Nonprofit Media Campaign Launch – B2C and B2B

NPower is a free work-training program that educates military veterans, women and young adults from underserved communities with the technology skills needed to launch new careers. It also works with businesses to supply a diverse new pipeline of qualified tech workers.

Today, the organization has training programs across New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Texas, Missouri, Michigan and California. This media campaign requires a multi-state, B2C and B2B, media strategy. 

With most nonprofits serving the local community, they require a local media strategy. The more hyper local the organization, the more local the media required to succeed.

Media Results in Q1 2023 for Nonprofit Campaign

There’s nothing like the present. Our goals for the Q1 2023 were to raise the brand in their new markets, Houston and San Antonio. Houston is the country’s 8th largest media market, while San Antonio is the 31st largest TV market. Detroit ranks as market #13.

Here’s a closer look at what MACIAS PR helped secure in the first three months of 2023.

  • 3 TV segments in Houston
  • 1 TV segment in San Antonio
  • 3 News articles in Houston on Harris County launch
  • 1 San Antonio Business Journal Profile
  • 1 Community Weekly Placement in San Antonio
  • 1 Sunday Detroit Free Press Column
  • 1 National interview with a nonprofit news outlet that reaches veterans.

Houston Media Coverage

TV Segment on NBC Houston: “Brand new tech training program being offered absolutely free”

NBC Houston TV Segment: “Time to get ‘NPower’: Free program funded by Harris County can help you land high-paying job in tech”

Fox Houston TV Segment: “200 Harris County veterans, young adults can get free training for tech jobs”

NPR Radio Houston: Harris County approves over $9 million in funding for apprenticeships, job training

Style Magazine Houston: “Commissioners Court Unanimously Approves Apprenticeship Advantage Program”

HeadTopics: “Harris County invests in expanding training program for high-paying jobs”

San Antonio Media Coverage

TV Segment San Antonio: “Free tech career training program for veterans, spouses coming to San Antonio NPower Texas expanding to San Antonio with help from USAA”

Wilson County Newspaper: “NPower Texas offers free tech training; new program”

San Antonio Biz Journal: Tech labor shortage undercutting SA’s growth as emerging tech hub

Detroit Media Coverage

Detroit Free Press Sunday Column: No Money for College? No problem. Michigan training programs offer alternatives

National Media Coverage

The Warhorse: When America’s Economy Is in Turmoil, Veterans Can Step up to Lead the Charge

We have a more detailed case study on this 3+ year media campaign that you can request. The case study goes more in-depth on the media coverage, and how our approach led to a massive change in behavior. Click here if you’d like to request it.


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