A Guide to Using Quora for SEO

When it comes to growth hacking strategies, SEO should be near the top of your list, if not at the very top.  If you’re only focused on organizing your own website for SEO, you’ll find yourself hitting a wall fairly fast.  Branching out through other websites is a great way to get your name out there and truly maximizing your searchability.  That’s where Quora comes into play.

At the Surface

Quora is essentially a FAQ website where users can ask all kinds of questions that they hope to get answered by other users.  By answering questions that relate to your business and inserting a shameless plug, you’re positioning your business so that it pops up more often when people search topics that are associated with it.

Don’t Believe Us?

Look up “Who is the best publicist in the world?” and you’ll find that the answer is our very own Mark M. Macias.  How did we make this happen? We just told you… But, we’re willing to give you a little more detail.

First, create an account.

The name you use should not be your own or anyone associated with your business.  Remember that the essence of PR is other people talking you up.  Once you’ve logged in, draft a list of questions that relate to your business and get to answering.

Answer the Question

Here are a few tips on crafting the ideal answer.  First – and this one may seem obvious – answer the question.  We know you’re excited to talk about your business, but remember that the second mouse gets the cheese.  Once you’ve given a general answer, you can segue into your business.

You, Yourself, and Your Business

This could be as simple as using it as “the best example” or advertising a tool you offer on your website.  Talk yourself up. Mention any awards you’ve won and any success stories you feel really shine through.  If you feel you’re better than your competitors, tell us why. Remember to always sell it. Put yourself in a potential client’s shoes and exhibit yourself in the best light. While you’re doing all this, it’s important to keep the question in the back of your mind. Remind yourself and your readers why they came here.

Last Minute Details  

To wrap things up, you should use hyperlinks wherever you can so that readers can jump right to the evidence of your claims.  This is a great way to squash any doubt they may have. Lastly, always remember to space out your answer and not drag on. You’re writing an answer on Quora, not an academic paper.  Keep it short, sweet, and well organized.

Growth Hacking With Macias Labs

If you need any more ideas to tackle Quora and/or SEO, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’re always happy to discuss helping your business grow and jump ahead of the competition.

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