A history lesson on Growth Hacking

Consumers turn to the web for… well, everything. If you’re not on the first few pages of their search, people will never know about your service and product, which kind of means your service or product is irrelevant. If you want to grow your business rapidly, you need to apply growth hacking tactics.

While growth hacking is the best way to grow your business, it hasn’t always been around. In fact, years ago, there were other ways businesses were scaling their growth.

In the 1990s,

we got the discovery of the Internet. Naturally, this really changed the way businesses work. Business used to place advertisements in the local newspaper to communicate about their products and services. The Internet brought an opportunity for businesses to scale, as distance wasn’t an issue anymore and people from a different city could now learn about their business online.

Over a period of 10 years,

the popularity of the web continued to grow. Every business realized they needed to be online and have a website. With everyone turning to the Internet, it became harder and harder for businesses to stand out. This introduced a new industry buzzword: SEO. Nearly overnight, search engine optimization, or SEO, helped businesses be found more easily online via the use of backlinks and meta descriptions.

But by the 2010s,

those SEO rules were ancient. Search engines didn’t care about backlinks and meta descriptions anymore. They wanted to see content. If you want to learn more about successful content, read our blog: Everything You Need to Know About SEO in 2019. In the end, this need for content landed the industry in the so-called area of content marketing.


we live and abide by the rules of growth hacking. By implementing a digital mix of content, technology and strategy, growth hacking leverages all the digital tools of PR, SEO, technology and content marketing. Growth hacking is accomplished via a rapid experimentation process that floods your brand on the web.

How Macias Labs can rapidly grow your business...

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