5 Highly Effective Growth Hacking Strategies

So you started a business and you want to grow fast.  If you’ve read our other posts on Growth Hacking, you know there’s a solution.  That said, you might want a little more direction.  Fair enough.  Here are five highly effective strategies for Growth Hacking.

Referral Marketing

At its simplest level, referral marketing is essentially word-of-mouth.  When a customer had a good experience with your company, they’ll want to tell their friends.  The good news is that this is free and requires little to no effort on your part (unless you consider doing a good job an effort).  The bad news is that, at this basic a stage, you’ll have very limited control over how much exposure you actually get.  In order to get over this hurdle, you’ll want to develop your referral marketing to incentivize your customers to talk about you.  This could be as easy as offering referrers certain benefits if they bring you more customers.  Doing this will afford you a higher chance of exposure and more control over this cheap form of marketing.

Email and Text Marketing

Email and Text Marketing is exactly what it sounds like.  The idea is to grow your customer base by reaching out to people through these forms of communication.  Just like referral marketing, this is a great way to reach tons of new customers at little to no cost.  The biggest problem you may face here is to actually get the contact lists.  There are many ways to get around this, the simplest of which is just to offer a free demo that requires the user to input their email address.  This way, people who’s attention you’ve just grabbed and who might have otherwise not stayed interested stick around a little longer and give you their contact information as an added bonus.

Branch Out Through Influencers

The best companies are those that interact directly with their customers.  Unfortunately, that tends to be hard to do for smaller companies that are still trying to get their names out there.  In this case, the best approach is an indirect one through influencers.  Everyone follows some kind of celebrity and taking advantage of an influencer’s access to thousands and millions of fans is a great way to raise awareness of your brand.  Think of it as another form of referral marketing.  A simple way to do this is to sponsor influencers who agree to mention you to their fans.

Increase your SEO by Blogging

If you’re trying to raise awareness of your brand, we’ve got three words for you: S.E.O.  Search-engine optimization is an important tool when it comes to boosting your growth.  Blogging is not only a great way to increase your content quantity, but it’s also important for searchability: two key factors of SEO.  By branching out your content to key words and concepts that people are more likely to look up when searching your industry, you’re sure to pop up more often.  You’d be surprised by how much blogging can do for your exposure.

Establish Yourself In Digital Forums

Find an online forum that pertains to your industry and get posting.  If someone asks a question, answer it.  Establish yourself as an important and knowledgeable contributor to your industry to not only raise awareness of your brand, but also increase your credibility.  This last part will help you down the line when you’re trying to secure sponsorships and media coverage.  Be warned: not all forums have the same rules so make sure you check those out before you start posting.

Growth Hacking with Macias Labs

The most important thing to keep in mind is to not get discouraged and keep testing new strategies.  Some are bound to fail but the ones that succeed will work wonders for your business.  If you still want help with your Growth Hacking strategies, feel free to contact Macias Labs.  We’d be glad to discuss the direction we can take your business in.

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