What You Need to Know About SEO in 2019

SEO is one of the most discussed topics amongst entrepreneurs and business owners. That said, while everyone is familiar with the concept, for a lot of people even- business owners- SEO can be overwhelming. But don’t fret: We’re here to help. In light of discussing SEO at your next networking event, we’ve summarized the key factors to a successful SEO campaign.

How can your SEO be successful?

A few years ago, SEO was all about back- and meta-links to your website. Then, Google found out that SEO firms were cheating the system by buying backlinks to improve a website’s ranking. This made Google change the algorithm; in fact, they eventually filed a patent that allows users to rank sites without the use of a backlink. So today, your business will still benefit from being mentioned on, for example, a news site, even if there is no backlink to your website.

Google is known to change their algorithm on a continual basis, and they’re also very secretive about how it works. However, what they aren’t secretive about is the importance of content. If you want to score good with SEO, your website needs to contain high quality content.

When is my content considered ‘quality’?

Of course, it’s easy to say your content needs to be “quality.” But when is it considered quality and how does Google know?

Google analyzes everything on the web– they scan your articles, pages and posts. During this, they check if your articles are of quality. Some measurements of this are: how long your sentences are; your use of subtitles (or lack thereof); word choice; and more. After scanning your content, Google gives your website a score. Quality content means a higher score and results in your website popping up on one of the first pages when being searched on Google.

When discussing content, people automatically think about text pages and blog articles, but content is much more. Images, posts, videos and audio are also considered content by Google. A must-do: link everything you implement on your website. The better it is linked, the easier to read for Google, which will also improve your score as user-friendly.

What about quantity?

Even though the quality of your content is most important, your score will also improve if you are continually adding content to your website. But how does Google count? The goal is to have as many links pointing to your website as possible. This is because all these single links create a new opportunity for traffic to your website, and the more visitors, the higher your credibility with Google.

In simple terms, if you have a website with 10 pages, you have 10 links to your website, which means there are 10 different ways for people to land on your website. But if you start adding more content, like blogs and landing pages, you create more entries to your website, which eventually leads to more traffic.

How can Macias Labs help?

As a growth hacking business, our only goal is to grow your business. It’s easy to understand that SEO is a big part of that, because if Google users can’t find your website, your business will never grow. Content is our speciality and together we can sit down and discuss which perfect mix of growth hacking tactics can grow your website or business. We can also help with media placements which help with credibility, and thanks to Google’s patent, leads even more visitors or customers to your website.

For more information, get in contact with us or visit our pricing page to see how we can grow your business.

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