What Is Growth Hacking?

How does it work?

How does a growth hacking campaign start? Each company is different and acquires a customized strategy. Still, the key to success is developing a customized mix of tactics for your company specifically. That said, finding out which mix of online tactics is most valuable to your company is often a process of trial and error.

The ultimate goal of growth hacking is ensure your company grows– and never stops growing. So, once it’s established which growth hacking strategy is most successful for a client, the process doesn’t stop there: Growth hacking is a continual process of analyzing the metrics and results.

One of the most valuable metrics for growth hacking is customer feedback. This is because it provides business owners with direct insight of how their audience is experiencing and interacting with their brand. What’s more, customer feedback is sometimes even able to point out a more customer-friendly workflow which the development team missed out on.

Another strategy that’s often used in growth hacking is, A/B testing. The goal of A/B testing is to analyze what kind of project presentation is most successful to an audience. For example, let’s say a design team creates two landing pages, and installs both of them for a time frame of one month. After testing the two landing pages for a month, the growth hacking team goes over the results. They analyze which landing page had a better click through rate, which landing page had the lowest bouncing rate and more.. The results from these testing series are extremely valuable for the growth of a company, and taken into account for future campaigns.

Why Growth Hacking?

The strength of growth hacking is the ‘hands-on’ way of working. By non-stop analysis of a company’s data, growth hacker is able to adjust the strategy quickly, which results in a faster-growing company.

Growth Hacking with Macias Labs

If all of this is overwhelming, Macias Labs is here to help your business. You’ll be surprised by the jump your brand will make in the right direction after applying or customized strategy. If you want to hear more, we can always discuss how and which growth hacking strategies can elevate your company to the next level.

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