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Thought Leadership Marketing

Thought leadership is one of the most influential ways to position your company as an expert in your profession. When executed correctly, this type of media campaign enables your voice to speak directly to potential clients and consumers without filters.

In many ways, thought leadership is more powerful than traditional PR because it provides you with a platform to express your opinions, thoughts and expertise directly into the reader's mind.

Macias PR has used thought leadership to promote our clients with CNBC, Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Venture Beat and others.

With these media strategies, our clients were published as authors on topics that positioned them as experts. In some cases, the clients wrote the editorial and Macias PR edited the copy before it was submitted to the publication. For others, Macias PR wrote the editorial under the client's name and secured its publication with a targeted news source.

Content marketing is a broad term that is frequently associated with advertisements. Under our thought leadership strategy, Macias PR makes sure your story or editorial is framed with an active, persuasive voice that ignites conversation.

And since it is a news editorial - and not paid content marketing - your editorial remains on the web, essentially forever.

Client Case Studies

See how we used the media to raise the profile of the following financial clients. Case studies available upon request.

This campaign positioned their medical doctors as industry leaders.
This campaign introduced the client as an expert in mental therapy.
This consumer media campaign introduced a dating site to singles around the globe.
This campaign introduced one of the country’s oldest lending institutions to borrowers.
This campaign introduced a boutique wealth management firm to investors.

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