Why You Can’t Sell Your Product too Early to Reporters

Entrepreneurs are usually born to sell, but that doesn’t always work in your favor when speaking with reporters. In fact, if you try to sell your product or service too early to a reporter, your story is more likely to get rejected.

Experienced reporters are trained to read between the lines. They know when someone is trying to sell them on a commercial versus pitching them an actual story. Selling a product is one of the fastest ways to get your story idea rejected. (I wrote an in-depth article on this for Entrepreneur Magazine if you’d like to hear more on that. You can read that article here).

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of smart and experienced entrepreneurs jump right into selling their product or services when speaking with reporters. It’s like they know their time is limited so they jump right into selling their product. Unless you’re speaking with a trade reporter writing for an industry-specific audience, stay away from the backstory. Reporters don’t want to hear how the logistics work; they want to hear what is the final result.

Even more important, they want to hear the actual story of the product or service.

Advice for Media Interviews

If you’re fortunate enough to speak with a reporter, focus the product or service around the story line. Don’t jump into why your product is the best or how it’s the future. (I’ve heard many entrepreneurs explain their new product like that). Instead, focus on the angle that will advance the story you want the reporter to tell. You want to sound like a contestant on Shark Tank. Not the product pitcher for a late night infomercial.

I go more in-depth on these approaches in my Entrepreneur article. Please follow me on Linkedin to get more of my articles on best approaches for PR. Or message me at the bottom of this page to schedule a call.


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