Why Smaller Media is Important to Building Brands

Building a brand from scratch is never easy, but there are tactics and approaches you can take that will help scale your brand faster.

On the surface, most entrepreneurs naturally gravitate to large media outlets. They rightfully assume that getting coverage in a national publication will get their mission, services and products out there faster.

And while that is true, I’ve found there is often another overlooked group that many entrepreneurs purposely avoid.

I recently wrote an article for Entrepreneur, elaborating on why smaller media shouldn’t be overlooked. You can read that article by clicking here, but if you’re short on time, here’s an abridged version of the key points from my thought leadership.

Don’t judge a media outlet solely by its website

Google, MSN, Yahoo and others frequently pick up stories from smaller news outlets and publish them on their home page. And I’m not referring to their news section. I’m describing stories where the story is syndicated to specifics items of interest. Think Yahoo Lifestyle or MSN Money. If you look there today, you will see many stories from smaller publications featured prominently.

This syndication approach also applies to TV. A good publicist will try to get your local story placed on the affiliate feed where other TV stations can pick it up. As a producer in Phoenix and Miami, I turned to our affiliate feeds to find promotable ideas. This is additional exposure your brand needs at the start.

I go more in-depth on other approaches in my Entrepreneur article if you’d like to read more.


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