What is the best media outlet for my story? Forbes Analysis Reveals the Insight

By Mark Macias

I recently wrote an article for Forbes that explored how to identify the best media outlet for your story. It’s a strategy we continually to use for our agency even today.

The media strategy comes from my time working inside the media – as an Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York.

You can read the longer Forbes article here, but if you’re short on time, here’s a quick version on the main points.

Which Media Outlets Should are Best for my Story?

Local TV 

This is a great approach when you have solid local angles that are driven around the community, but if you have a generic national angle, it’s unlikely the story will get approved. 

Local television news typically brings a higher ROI when you are selling to the community. The audience is more targeted, while the visual medium improves your brand exposure. However, it is a longer sales jump from TV to the online world if you are pushing an e-commerce product.

Cable News

The quickest way to get a story rejected by cable news producers is to frame your idea like a local story. Cable wants to reach the biggest audience. If your product or service is positioned as a conversation piece, you will have a better chance for coverage.

Cable news can provide a higher ROI for products or services of national interest. It’s important to remember that not all cable news organizations approach news the same. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and CNBC all have different programming approaches, so make sure you understand those nuances.

Online News Outlets

When it comes to online news outlets, I generally believe this execution is an editorial split between local and cable TV news. And a lot depends on the actual outlet. However, common sense should guide you in the approach. 

Online news outlets — from my perspective and data reviews — bring the best ROI for digital products. You’re only one click away from a sale with online news sites, assuming you can get the publication to insert a hyperlink. If the content on your website is not a blatant sale, you can make a better sell to the editor for embedding the link into the story.