Thought Leadership in Forbes – What Houdini Teaches us about Selling

By Mark Macias

One of the most exciting parts of my work is learning from experienced entrepreneurs and CEOs from all walks of life. The proximity to these entrepreneurs has given me a unique opportunity to observe thought-leadership up close.

I recently wrote an article in Forbes – What the Great Houdini can Teach Us about Selling. The entire story was inspired by a CEO who was a magician before his career in finance took off. He always shared stories with me on how magic is related to business. We need to captivate the buyer and never reveal our industry secrets, he would say.

I turned that thought leadership into thought leadership for Forbes. Here’s an abridged version of that article.

What Houdini Teaches us about Selling

Houdini turned his name into a global brand without using any of the technology that we have today. Here are a few of the thoughts that I shared with Forbes readers:

  • Identify And Pivot To The Untapped Angle – Getting media coverage is more than just calling up reporters and telling them about a product or service.
  • Add Color To The Conversation – Reporters don’t want boring characters or bland quotes. They need color to bring their stories alive.
  • Everyone In Business Is A Magician – The former president of the Society of American Magicians told me a few years ago how everyone is a magician in business, and we just don’t realize it.

I never like sending potential clients to another site, but you can read the full article here.


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