Biggest PR Mistakes – and How to Prevent Them

By Mark Macias

There are many mistakes you can make while pursuing public relations. Fortunately, you can overcome most of those mistakes, however, there is one PR mistake you can rarely overcome. The error effectively makes your entire media placement worthless.

What is it?

The Biggest PR Mistake you can Make

You don’t ever want a TV reporter to misspell your name or business. The only thing worse than this is when the reporter completely forgets to include your name or business name in the story.

Unfortunately, this happens in TV because reporters and producers move at warp speed. Minutes matter in print. Seconds count in TV. A deadline can’t be missed. In the process, a name is misspelled or a business name is not included.

However, there are a few actions an experienced publicist will take to prevent this mistake from occurring. It’s one of the insider tactics MACIAS PR continues to apply for our clients. We leverage our background in TV to not only secure segments, but also to make sure our clients get maximum exposure.

If you’re trying to get coverage for your brand, reach out to us and we’ll give you a detailed media strategy for your business.

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