The Advantages of Working with Outside PR Agencies

By Mark Macias

You can learn a lot from the people you surround yourself with, and it’s an even bigger factor in business. This is one of the biggest advantages of working with an outside PR agency. They can apply best practices to your media campaign.

We’ve worked with a lot big brands: Noom, Lifesum, Columbia University Medical Center, Plenty of Fish, Deloitte, MicroStrategy, Mastercard and others. Now, we can say we’ve worked with the 2nd fastest growing technology company in Europe, according to the Financial Times.

I typically don’t discuss our clients publicly, but I’m super proud to share some of the lessons I have learned from this CEO. He accomplished growth that only one other company achieved at a faster rate in 2021. Everyone can learn from his mind and approach.

MACIAS PR recently ran a targeted thought leadership campaign, sharing his insight with reporters and entrepreneurial publications. Here’s a closer look at what he said, in his own words.

Don’t Tie Up Your Capital

“It’s important to not tie up capital too early in your growth stage. In the early years of Kilo Health, our capital was heavily tied up in advertising our products and solutions. It didn’t allow our research and development teams to explore new areas for growth. Luckily, we had personal capital to invest and spend for other types of growth. It was a valuable lesson that we overcame quickly. Be careful and do not put all of your eggs in one basket.”

Don’t Lower Hiring Standards as Rapid Growth Excels 

“As your company begins to grow quickly, you will need to hire quickly. However, don’t lower your standards at this stage – it’s better to wait for the right talent than hire someone who might not be the best fit for the role. In the case with Kilo Health, we made a priority to balance out experience and culture fit, since our new hires require a unique set of skills. Our product managers, developers and engineers are building innovative products that work with huge amounts of data. Rapid growth requires a totally different skill set than when our company first launched in 2013. The lesson here: don’t compromise on the hiring process or rush through the hiring process.”

Don’t be Afraid of Corporate Suits

“Don’t ever let a suit scare you. Not everyone is as smart as they look, and an expensive suit doesn’t always mean that the person on the other side of the table has more experience or a better product than yours. I’ve found many large corporations are slow, while a startup can be faster and more focused. You can outrun the larger corporations if you focus your energies around that, rather than the appearance an image might project.” 

Don’t Play by the Rules

“We never followed the rules that business textbooks described. As a team of 7, we came out of nowhere and were crazy enough to believe that one day we would lead an international company. And we did that. Being a bootstrapped company allowed us to grow our confidence. It gave fuel to our “we can do anything” attitude. Be bold and stand out.”


MACIAS PR was founded in 2009 by Mark Macias – a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. City & State Magazine named Macias the “Political PR Power 50” list in 2021. Marketing peers and Finance Monthly named our agency the Best Strategic PR Firm and Best Financial PR Firm several years in a row.