Why the Best PR Firms Look Beyond Press Releases

The best PR firms don’t just stick to press releases with the media. Yes, press releases can help get an achievement, promotion or update on the record — and is great for content marketing. However, press releases are less likely to lead to attention or coverage from the media.

Why, you ask? PR Newswire isn’t where reporters, journalists or producers turn to for story ideas. They see right through press releases and know that they’re simply a different  — more sophisticated — form of advertising. 

This is why every successful media campaign requires a media outreach. This means manually researching and pitching reporters, journalists, producers and editors that would be interested in your story. 

MACIAS PR consistently secures coverage for our clients because we understand the value in reaching out to reporters via email, phone calls, social media – or even texts. Pitching directly to media is especially important for smaller businesses, including startups.

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