Protecting Your Brand with the Media

By Mark Macias

Every business wants to stand out, but when it comes to the media, you need to be extremely careful with your brand during a communications crisis. If you are reckless with your message, you risk ruining your image.

Or worse, if the media finds a flaw in your story, you could face a potential crisis campaign with negative news on the web forever. I recently wrote a CNBC editorial on why presidential candidate, Donald Trump, put his brand in jeopardy with his latest campaign shuffle.

This isn’t intended to be a political story, but rather an objective analysis on why your messaging is crucial. You can read the full CNBC story by clicking here:

How do you measure PR campaign success?

By Mark Macias

Clients are always asking us, “how do you measure PR campaign success?” Media placements are one of the easiest ways to evaluate the success of a PR campaign because it is measurable by viewers, influence and conversation.

Roughly 5 million people pick up the Wall Street Journal daily – and that doesn’t include the number of online readers who find their stories from search engines, news sources or social media feeds. A story in the WSJ¬† reaches influencers who lead the conversation. It brings credibility and exposure that no amount of introductions can make in a single day.

So how does Macias PR compare when it comes to media placements? Here’s our showcase reel of what we have delivered for our clients with the media. Oh – and this is only from the past 30 days. We don’t brag. We just work harder and think smarter.