Nonprofit PR – Client on News 12 New Jersey

By Mark Macias

Nonprofit PR will raise the profile of your organization when it is executed correctly.

Our nonprofit client held an event in New Jersey yesterday that introduced their services to veterans. It was all part of Veterans Day and our goal to honor our veterans. An Assemblywoman and the Mayor of Jersey City both showed up at the event.

The 30-second VO introduced our nonprofit client to the community. If you watch the video, you’ll hear an overview directly from the anchor’s mouth on what this organization does.

“It provides free IT training, certification and job placement assistance to young adults in underserved communities and military veterans. More than 80 percent of their graduates are employed full-time.”

It was essentially a commercial in the newscast.

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Nonprofit PR – How to get your Organization Publicity

Our client in the Sunday New York Post

By Michele Hamparian

Is your nonprofit struggling to find donations? Maybe your nonprofit needs PR to raise its profile in the community.

We recently ran a media campaign for a nonprofit organization that helps young adults, women and veterans find jobs in the tech community. The nonprofit provides a free educational program but they still need to find donors, corporate sponsors and students.

On Sunday, the New York Post ran a big feature on this nonprofit organization, promoting how their programs help lower income students find new careers in tech. The reporter focused his story around a student who turned around his life and career with the help of the nonprofit organization.

The next day, our client told MACIAS PR that students called and wanted to enroll in their program. They also received calls from corporate partners who wanted to hire these students. That’s the power of PR. When the message is targeted, it motivates people to action.

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