Creative Social Media Examples – How to Stand Out

By Julianna Alvarado

It’s difficult to stand out in today’s cluttered social media world.

Facebook alone receives more than 4 million likes every 60-seconds. Consumers upload 300-plus hours of video every minute to YouTube. And Instagram will collect more than 2 million red hearts before you even finish reading this story.

With this constant stream of content, you need creative content that stands out.

MACIAS PR recently released a video that transported viewers back to the 1920s. We posed the question, “What happens when an actress reveals she wants fame in the 1920s?” and it seemed to spark people’s curiosity.

In just over a week, the video has generated close to 2,000 views on YouTube, and reached more than 1600 people on Facebook. Another 500 consumers actively went out of their way to click on the video and watch it on Facebook.

This 1920s video was successful because it utilized several approaches that drive social media. Here are some of the tactics we used to generate traffic towards our post.

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Digital Media Strategy for New Business

By Mark Macias

Digital strategy is the popular buzz phrase in business, but what exactly does that mean? And how do you create a digital media strategy?

A digital media strategy is essentially a new business approach that leverages technology. It’s another method for introducing your product or services to clients, using technology.

There are many digital strategies – using mobile apps, analytics, big data, enterprise platforms, mobile websites, videos, social media, CRM solutions (also known as Customer Relationship Management solutions), etc. But for simplicity sake, let’s break down how a digital media strategy can work for your business using the most popular digital media approaches.

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