Crisis or Publicity Campaign – Which is it?

SxgvBL9zdbQkBrFv13anliGDAsGk5cdpMs7OHcPi_0NX_2VmUzghPlbKHrHlqnLqT8YT=w300-1By Mark Macias

I always want to keep politics out of business. It rarely helps close a business deal, but I recently wrote a story for CNBC on the difference between publicity campaigns and crisis campaigns. In today’s world, anyone can call him or herself a “crisis media consultant” or “publicist” but that doesn’t mean they will deliver better results.

In fact, the wrong media campaign can actually hurt you, as I described for my CNBC analysis story on the Hillary Clinton campaign. Her public opinion numbers are plummeting, and at her current rate, she will lose to Bernie Sanders. But why is that when she was the front runner with supposedly the brightest minds in politics?

It’s because her PR team is running a publicity campaign when they should be running a media campaign. Want to know the difference so your business doesn’t make the same mistake? Click here to read my CNBC analysis on how to know whether you need to run a publicity or a crisis media campaign.

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