Crisis PR in Politics

SxgvBL9zdbQkBrFv13anliGDAsGk5cdpMs7OHcPi_0NX_2VmUzghPlbKHrHlqnLqT8YT=w300-1By Mark Macias

CNBC has asked me to give weekly analysis on the presidential candidates – from a media and PR perspective. I wrote a piece this week on Donald Trump and if feedback is any reflection, he really ignites passion from both sides. I’ve already given media strategy and analysis on the other candidates, but they didn’t ignite the comments, tweets and even emails that this article ignited. Click here to read my CNBC analysis. As always, I try to make it relevant for business owners.

Real Estate PR – (VIDEO)

By Mark Macias

How do you get your real estate listing on TV? Ultimately, it all comes down to these six words: who, what, where, when, why and how.

Macias PR recently held a webinar that explained to realtors how they could leverage the media to sell their properties. Here’s an excerpt from that webinar. It explains why those questions are crucial for publicity.


The Benefits of PR (VIDEO)

By Mark Macias

PR vs advertising. It’s a question I hear a lot from companies trying to reach consumers. When you take a deeper look at the ROI and benefits of PR and advertising, you will see that a story on the news is much more affordable than ads – and it remains on the web long after your campaign ends.

How PR can Help Your Business:

Other ways your business can benefit from PR include:
–       Media placements will get you into the conversation

–       Improves Search Engine Ranking

–       Adds Credibility

–       Increases Social Media Influence

–       Improves Sales

–       PR Continually Works for You long after your campaign is over.

Macias PR held a webinar on this topic. Here’s an except from that webinar that explains the benefits of PR.

Creating a Positive Media Narrative


By Mark Macias

CNBC has asked me to give weekly political and media analysis on the presidential candidates. What are the candidates doing wrong and right with the media? How can they better position themselves with voters? What are their communications teams doing right and wrong?

Marco Rubio has recently been criticized for his spending habits, but this negative story actually presents an opportunity to position in him a way that better relates to voters. Click here to read how his political campaign can change the narrative into a message that resonates with the 99 percent.