How to Fix your Online Brand

By Mark Macias

Over the years, many business owners and personalities have approached my firm for help, asking if we could alter history. They wanted to see if we could remove negative new stories or photos that no longer meshed with their brand.

Even as the owner of a PR firm, I frequently get spam from reputation management companies, promising they can remove negative stories on my business from the web. I want to break the news to them: unless you’re a hacker, it’s physically impossible to remove photos or news stories from another web server where the content is stored. (Unless of course, you get a court order, but that’s a strategy for another day).

If you look deeper into these reputation management firms, they aren’t actually promising to remove the article or image. They are taking a tactic that tries to push the story or image off the first page of search engines. Continue reading “How to Fix your Online Brand”