Media Case Study: Rarely Discussed Medical Condition

Have you heard of the inflammatory health condition, encephalitis? Less than 1 percent of the American population has heard of it, so imagine the challenge of promoting this condition to the media.

In November 2022, the CEO of the Encephalitis Society approached MACIAS PR, asking if we could help promote World Encephalitis Day in February. Adding to their challenging assignment, we were asked if our media campaign could also target Canada and Mexico.

Mission accomplished. 

Our international campaigns ended up securing media coverage with the biggest media outlets in the US, Mexico and Canada. Some of those outlets included: WebMD, NPR, The Hill, Wired, AOL in the US. In Mexico, MACIAS PR secured Spanish media coverage with 14 national news outlets, while in Canada we placed a news feature with the national Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC. This is in addition to the 102 digital media stories we placed with online publications. You can click here to read that media report.

So how did we do it? This case study takes a closer look at our approach. It’s a strategy we can also take with your healthcare campaign, regardless of how remote the condition is.

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Why Perspective Matters when it comes to PR and Media

The way you frame a story will always influence whether the media covers it. This is where perspective plays a role in how – or if – your story gets told.

Different stories need to be told through a different lense. For example, a CEO editorial must convey thought leadership from a perspective based on experience and insight. Likewise, a consumer brand trying to reach Millennials or women must connect with a perspective that their targeted customer understands. On the surface, it might sound simplistic, but execution and nuance run deeper than the the surface.

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