How Thought Leadership Can Build your Brand as a Leader

By Marta Majstorovic

Thought leadership can be an effective method for positioning your brand as a leader in tech and healthcare. More likely than not, you have some level of expertise in your industry. Thought leadership communicates that expertise to the outside world, growing your brand in the process.

MACIAS PR helped secure a targeted thought leadership editorial for a nonprofit client in last week’s St. Louis Post Dispatch. The editorial spoke directly to readers on how our nonprofit partner is helping the community. It also provided an unfiltered story on their services.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch is the fifth largest newspaper in the Midwest, and is the 26th largest newspaper in the country. On a daily basis, the newspaper reaches more than a quarter of a million readers – in print alone.

Many nonprofits struggle to raise money, and this is an area where thought-leadership can help with your brand. Corporations are frequently wary of attaching their brand to nonprofits that haven’t proven themselves in the community. Thought-leadership reinforces how the media recognizes your business as a credible leader.

This thought leadership placement in the St. Louis Post Dispatch also helped raise the profile of their services in the community. And the corporate partner, Boeing, received public credit for investing in the community with this nonprofit.


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Nonprofit PR – Media Placement in the Community

By Mark Macias

PR is more than just driving new business. It can also be used to promote your name in the community and it doesn’t matter if you’re a small nonprofit, or a large corporation.

Our nonprofit client recently received a $30,000 donation from AT&T. If you’re a corporation giving money to the community, ideally, you want others to know about it.

And that was part of our job. Here’s how MACIAS PR helped spread the word with the media.

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Best PR Firms – Who would you hire for PR? Batman or Robin

By Mark Macias

Let’s have a little fun with our imagination. If you had to hire Batman or Robin to run your PR campaign, who would you choose?

Most people might say, Batman. He’s bigger and physically stronger. Batman’s reputation goes back to the 1940s – well before Robin was even born. And of course, Batman has that cool Bat Cave with all those luxuries that give him direct access to Gotham’s leaders.

Of course in business, you pay for all of those gadgets. If you wanted to hire Batman, your retainer fee will partially go to fund that Bat Cave, even if you never visit it.

Poor Robin. He tries so hard to fight the bad guys and win your trust. He’s physically smaller than Batman, so he knows he must work harder. Deep inside, if he is going to win any battle, he know he will need to out-think – not out-muscle Batman.

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Nonprofit PR – Client on News 12 New Jersey

By Mark Macias

Nonprofit PR will raise the profile of your organization when it is executed correctly.

Our nonprofit client held an event in New Jersey yesterday that introduced their services to veterans. It was all part of Veterans Day and our goal to honor our veterans. An Assemblywoman and the Mayor of Jersey City both showed up at the event.

The 30-second VO introduced our nonprofit client to the community. If you watch the video, you’ll hear an overview directly from the anchor’s mouth on what this organization does.

“It provides free IT training, certification and job placement assistance to young adults in underserved communities and military veterans. More than 80 percent of their graduates are employed full-time.”

It was essentially a commercial in the newscast.

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Questions to Ask a PR Firm – Former Journalist and PR Expert Explain

By Mark Macias

The 2018 budget is approved. RFPs are issued. Now it’s time to find the best PR firms to raise the profile of your businesss.

During my time as Executive Producer with NBC in New York, publicists pitched me constantly, trying to get their clients on the news. Some would try calling me at odd hours, while others would email story ideas. The higher level publicists would invite me out for drinks or social events.

Now, as the owner of a NYC public relations firm, I see the other side, and it’s not pretty.

Most business owners and marketing executives frequently ask me the same questions as they try to search for the best PR firms. In my experience, they are asking the wrong questions.

Here are some of the questions I would want my publicist to ask if I was trying to hire a top PR firm.

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Want to reach 2.2 Million Customers? How PR Works

By Michele Hamparian

The New York Post is one of the largest newspapers in the United States and the No. 1 seller on newsstands in 2016, according to the Alliance for Audited Media. Roughly 2 million New Yorkers read the newspaper every day.

Last Sunday, the New York Post featured our financial client in the business section of the New York Post, where they investigated  shady lending practices of loan sharks.

The story revealed how loan sharks are preying on the city’s poorest neighborhoods. The Post story also detailed how many of these customers are paying interest rates greater than 400 percent. So how can you get your business in the local newspaper? Continue reading “Want to reach 2.2 Million Customers? How PR Works”

Nonprofit PR – How to get your Organization Publicity

Our client in the Sunday New York Post

By Michele Hamparian

Is your nonprofit struggling to find donations? Maybe your nonprofit needs PR to raise its profile in the community.

We recently ran a media campaign for a nonprofit organization that helps young adults, women and veterans find jobs in the tech community. The nonprofit provides a free educational program but they still need to find donors, corporate sponsors and students.

On Sunday, the New York Post ran a big feature on this nonprofit organization, promoting how their programs help lower income students find new careers in tech. The reporter focused his story around a student who turned around his life and career with the help of the nonprofit organization.

The next day, our client told MACIAS PR that students called and wanted to enroll in their program. They also received calls from corporate partners who wanted to hire these students. That’s the power of PR. When the message is targeted, it motivates people to action.

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Strategies for Business Development – Advertising, Networking & PR

By Mark Macias

What is your business development strategy? Whether we like it or not, every business has to find a way to get our brand in front of customers. I always tell potential clients there are roughly three ways to get your name in front of clients.

  1. You advertise.
  2. You network and try to sell your services in person.
  3. You leverage the media.

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How Newsrooms and Bookstores are Similar

A bookstore and the newsroom are similar in many ways. They are both packed with stories that want to be shared. Unfortunately, many quality stories are never told because they don’t get into the right hands.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a consumer looking for a great novel, or a business trying to get your story told through the media.

Knowing how to navigate a newsroom is crucial when it comes to getting a story placed in the media. You might have a great idea on your business or tech startup, but if you don’t know how to find the right journalist, your story won’t get told. Continue reading “How Newsrooms and Bookstores are Similar”

Why Ad Blockers Make PR more Influential


By Mark Macias

Google Chrome is about to add a new feature that allows consumers to block ads from their browsers. (Read WSJ article here) Last year, Google earned $60 billion in revenue from online advertising, so if the search engine is about to block ads from their browsers, it’s something we should pay attention to.

Reaching your potential customers is about to get a lot harder if you rely on advertising. At the same time, PR is about to become more influential.

Consumers already disregard commercials on TV, and we’re now immune to ads that surround our environment. But it’s different with an actual news story. Continue reading “Why Ad Blockers Make PR more Influential”