How To Get Your Product on ‘The Today Show’ – PR Analysis

The Today Show is PR opportunity every CEO and business owner asks for. Nearly every potential client says they want to be on the Today Show or Good Morning America when asked who is their ideal audience.

It’s not easy securing a placement with these morning show. The available segments are limited between hard news and commercials.

But MACIAS PR did it this week for our health tech client on The Today Show. We also secured a different segment for this client with NBC News.

So how did we do it? We leveraged a timely component with water cooler material.

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What did your PR Firm deliver in Q2?

By Mark Macias

I’m a big believer in transparency for my PR firm. I always hear from potential clients who complain their last PR firm kept them in the dark and never delivered any media placements.

Here’s a closer look at what Macias PR delivered for our clients from April to June 2017.

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