60 Minutes – Crisis Advice for Allegient Airlines

By Mark Macias

I just watched a 60 Minutes investigation that slammed the budget airline, Allegient Airlines. The investigative reporter described Allegient as the most dangerous airline. If that doesn’t kill a reputation, what will?

Every time I watch an investigative story on TV, I go back to my investigative reporter days and reflect on how I would have defined the story. I also compare how the accused responded in the interview.

So what could Allegient Airlines have done differently to manage this crisis situation?

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How PR Builds on Itself – Examples of Successful Campaigns

By Julia Martyn

A public relations business needs media coverage too; we’re just like you. The hardest part with every campaign is getting that first placement, but once the coverage begins, there tends to be a snowball effect.

This happened with recently with the scandal involving Harvey Weinstein. USA Today reached out to MACIAS PR first, asking Mark for advice on how Weinstein should handle his brand and image. Once the story was published in an influential publication, the coverage snowballed.

That same week, the Washington Post, and one of Australia’s largest papers – The Sydney Morning Herald – also called Mark, asking for crisis and branding insight with the growing Hollywood scandal.

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