Why PR is becoming more Powerful with Ad blockers

Number of Devices Blocking Ads from their Browsers

By Mark Macias

PR is about to get more powerful. Roughly 380 million people already block ads from the browsers with different applications, as the above graphic demonstrates.

Google Chrome is now reportedly close to adding a new feature that will allow consumers to block ads from any Chrome browser. The easier it gets for consumers to block ads, you know, the faster it will hit the tipping point.

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How Journalists use Newswires

By Mark Macias

There is a big difference between the newswires and the various PR Newswires. Don’t be misled with the PR newswires, thinking your story will get to journalists by posting a press release on their various platforms. Journalists don’t read PR newswires because they know these stories are nothing but advertisements. Continue reading “How Journalists use Newswires”