Forbes Article – 3 Tactics for Standing out from Noise

It’s never easy standing out from the noise in a cluttered space, but if you’re going to survive as a startup, you have to figure out this formula fast. Otherwise, your business, product or new technology might never have a chance to catch on with the masses.

I elaborated on this approach in an article I wrote for Forbes, called –Three Tactics For Standing Out From The Startup Noise. You can click on that link to read but here is abridged version if you’re short on time.

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Connecting the Dots with the Media – Best PR Campaigns

PR is in many ways like a puzzle. The best PR firms will connect the dots and identify the right narrative for your business.

An experienced media strategist will also find ways to fit your narrative into the larger, media puzzle.

MACIAS PR has a consistent track record for securing stories with the biggest names in news. From the NBC Today Show to Good Morning America, our firm has gotten on our clients on these morning shows. We find unique ways to connect your story line into the news line.

It’s not an easy task, especially in today’s cluttered market where startups of all sizes are striving to stand out in the market.

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Empire State Building and MACIAS PR – What they have in Common

By Mark Macias

The Empire State Building is across the street from our office, so we see that powerful monument every day. The iconic monument reminds why a solid foundation is needed for any building or media campaign to outlast time.

Before MACIAS PR launches any campaign, we always make sure we have the elements and foundation for a successful media campaign. We don’t just start pitching reporters. We don’t “spray and pray” which is a common phrase you hear at other PR firms.

No, MACIAS PR focuses on the foundation first.

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