Best PR Campaigns begin with a Focused Approach

By Mark Macias

I got an email recently from a marketing consultant who I have worked with in the past. She’s introduced me to many great “players” in the business scene and she is a friend, so I want her to succeed.

She asked if I would help her with publicity for an upcoming project. Her idea was to push press releases to her audience.

I asked who was her targeted audience and she ran off a list that pretty much included everyone.

It’s great to have a product that is for the masses, but when it comes to the media, your campaign will be more successful if you narrow down the target. The more targeted a media campaign, the better ROI it will bring to your business.

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What is it like working in TV News?

By Mark Macias

Throughout my TV career with NBC and CBS, publicists used to ask me in private: why don’t producers and reporters ever respond to my emails or phone calls?

Journalists, producers, reporters and writers get a ton of unsolicited emails every day. I’m sure you know that. Let me tell you something you don’t know.

This morning, I texted a long-time colleague from CBS and asked her about a TV segment she had already shot on my client. The story is shot, so the hardest and most difficult work is essentially done. I had texted her earlier in the week, and got no response.

Had I been your typical publicist, I would probably would have assumed she didn’t care. But I know this reporter well. I know she likes the story and she’s also a personal friend.

This morning, she responded.

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The Power of Storytelling in PR

By Mintsje De Witte

The best PR campaigns always begin with a great story idea. Media placements don’t begin with reporter contacts or even an email address. They start and end with a narrative that provides new information with a character that subconsciously promotes the company.

Before Macias PR launches any media campaign, we first think of the interesting angle or story. Our team doesn’t focus our energy on the product or service we are trying to get into the news. We think of the type of story that the media outlet will cover. Then we work backwards and try to uncover the relatable angle that allows us to position our clients into the story.

In the children’s book, The Little Engine that Could, the train keeps telling himself, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” That perseverance is needed to succeed in PR. You can’t quit when reporters say no thank you to your idea. But more important than that, you need to identify a story that is interesting.

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Editorial Approach behind Best PR Campaigns

By Mark Macias

Programming and editorial play a crucial role with every media campaign we launch. With Macias PR, every story begins with an internal analysis of the value behind the idea and the argument for why reporters or editors will like it.

As the Executive Producer with NBC, I approved every story idea and script that came out of the Special Projects unit, which included consumer, medical, health, tech and features segments. I always looked for water cooler type stories that would get people talking. I learned early in my media career that these types of stories generated huge ratings – and when my stories generated big ratings, I was viewed as a winner.

Our PR team also applies this approach to every media campaign. We make sure every story is relevant. First and foremost, we put editorial and programming at the forefront of every campaign.

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How to Negotiate with Top PR Firms

By Mark Macias

Every business wants the best deal, but when it comes to PR, a few common rules for negotiating don’t typically apply.

It’s important to communicate with the PR firm what exactly you are looking for from a PR campaign. Are you trying to drive new leads, or increase sales? Maybe you need credibility or are in crisis mode. All of those campaigns require a different strategy, approach, resources and budgets.

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