Client Case Study – Health Tech Wearable

In September 2018, the founder of a Korean-based health tech startup approached MACIAS PR for help promoting his smart belt wearable.

The founder had hired a different PR agency earlier in the year to promote their wearable at CES 2018 but didn’t get any traction. He was hoping our agency could promote the exact same wearable at CES 2019. He heard about our agency from another Korean entrepreneur who had worked with us.

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PR Strategy – Finding Your Target Audience for Publicity 

One-size doesn’t fit-all when it comes to PR. The best PR firms create media campaigns that are customized to reach your desired audience or client. This approach is effective with every industry – digital health, technology, financial and even politics.

MACIAS PR recently secured a story on our Congressional client in Teen Vogue. The campaign wasn’t trying to reach Republicans and Democrats across the entire US. Instead, our approach and strategy narrowed the message to reach voters who would have the biggest effect on the campaign.

In the case of our Congressional client, she needed to reach Millennial voters, which is why we reached out to one of the largest Millennial readerships in the US  – Teen Vogue  – which reaches more 4 million readers every month.

Our media placement with Teen Vogue is just one example of how our team works to secure targeted press coverage for our clients.

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How News Stories help with SEO

By Mark Macias

Earlier today, MACIAS PR was quoted in a USA Today article as a crisis management expert. Sure, this national exposure will raise the awareness of our brand, but let me tell you where this news story will help us most: SEO.

About a decade ago, there was a big push by all businesses to get back-links to their website. At the time, Google used back-links to assess the value of a website. If it was in a news article, Google’s algorithm gave the website a higher search placement. Makes sense. If USA Today thinks your business is valuable enough to post a link to your website, Google rightly assumed it must have more value than traditional websites.

Then, SEO firms caught onto this back-link game and effectively diluted the value of back-links. Of course, Google is smart, so they changed the SEO game.

Today, you don’t need a back link from a news site to improve your SEO. Google got a patent a few years ago that allows them to assess the value of any website based on mentions in news stories. Continue reading “How News Stories help with SEO”

Best PR Agencies Continually Change the Strategy & Approach

By Mark Macias

Many new PR clients frequently want to spend days, or even weeks debating a campaign idea. They want to weigh the pros and cons of the angle before the media outreach begins. Yes, it’s crucial to ensure every editorial campaign meshes with your brand, but there comes a time when you need to get the story out there to see if it works.

I quickly advise these clients on why our campaign will have more success by pushing the story to reporters and adapting the strategy and approach based on their feedback.

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Best PR Firms – Characteristics of Great Publicists

By Mark Macias

How do you identify a the best PR firms and the publicists that define it? Media strategy, approach, curiosity, experience, the ability to execute, creativity and energy all play a crucial role when it comes to successfully leading a media campaign. It really does make a difference when it comes to securing stories with the media and I’m not just saying that as a PR guy. I’m also saying it as a former journalist.
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PR Rookie Mistakes – What NOT to do with PR

By Mark Macias

During my time with NBC and CBS, I could always identify a rookie PR person based on their mistakes. They were the publicists who put everything into their media release.

When you’re trying to identify the narrative for coverage in the infancy stages, don’t put everything – and the kitchen sink – into the press release. Narrow down your message and information into what matters.

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