Client Case Study – Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the country’s oldest rehabilitation centers, located in Westchester County outside of New York City. Despite its pristine reputation, getting coverage for hospitals like Burke outside of New York City has historically been difficult. I saw this first-hand during my time as Executive Producer with NBC when I approved story ideas from our health and medical producers and reporters.

Few producers want to travel more than an hour away for a story when they can just as easily interview a physician or medical expert who is only 20 minutes away. This journalism approach makes it harder for health care organizations located outside of NYC to get media coverage. And in today’s world where budgets are getting squeezed, time and travel becomes an even bigger obstacle.

Media Coverage for Rehabilitation Hospital

MACIAS PR led the media campaign for Burke Hospital and our enterprise approach led to prominent media coverage. ABC, Fox, Channel 11, Metro New York and the Wall Street Journal are a few of those media outlets. Our strategy identified angles that were unique for Burke, in essence, forcing journalists to interview the health leaders at Burke.

Our media strategy focused on their internal research, clinical trials and unconventional stories. One successful campaign revolved around a video game developed by Burke researchers to help patients recover from strokes. MACIAS PR also brought new clients to their health club by framing it as an exclusive gym for people over the age of 40.

You can see a more detailed account of our media coverage by clicking here. If you’d like to hear how MACIAS PR can help your organization, you can get a PR estimate by clicking here. Or we can schedule a call.


Finance Monthly named MACIAS PR the 2017-2020 Strategic PR Firm of the Year, and PR Firm of the Year. This was the third year in a row that Finance Monthly recognized our firm. The founder – Mark Macias – is a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. He’s a PR contributor with Entrepreneur and Forbes, providing media analysis, insight and crisis advice. City & State Magazine named him a 2024 top Political PR Player in New York.

How will Newsroom Layoffs Impact PR?

Stories about newsroom layoffs used to be relegated to trade publications, but these journalism job cuts are now becoming part of the news. If you thought it was hard to place a story with the media before – suit up: it’s going to get even harder.

This new economic landscape is going to require different skills to navigate shrinking newsrooms. Many of the producers and writers you might have relied on in the past might be gone. It’s one of the reasons why I always say media contacts are not a strategy; they are an assist. Journalists know their editorial acumen is under the microscope and all ideas will be scrutinized more in that morning news meeting. No one wants to pitch a story that is half-baked or not ready for coverage.

So how can you adapt to the changing media landscape?

Ensure your story package is complete. Don’t add unnecessary resources or time to a reporter’s job. Make it easy on them. Get that character lined up before you pitch and don’t force the reporter to think about how to frame the story. You might not get additional time for follow-up questions if the reporter is juggling 5 stories at once. The bar to coverage will be lifted and niche stories will be the first to get rejected.

Media Coverage Will Shift Towards Harder News in 2024

I’m also predicting the media will take a shift towards hard news in 2024. With upcoming elections at both the local and national levels, newsrooms will want to run more timely and hard-hitting angles that don’t give any hint of opinion. Soft news stories are the first to get rejected when resources are tight. If your client doesn’t have a hard news angle, look deeper and ask more questions.

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Media Training – Common Mistakes with Reporters

A few entrepreneurs might dismiss media training, believing that they are great public speakers. And that may be the case. But speaking with reporters requires a much different approach and style than holding a conversation with your friends. Your friends will be more generous with your time, allowing you to meander from thought-to-thought.

It doesn’t work like that with the media. You need to be tight on messaging. If you veer from the story line, many reporters will tune out. It’s even more paramount to stick to the script when speaking on live TV.

During my time as a producer for NBC and CBS, I had to listen and log many interviews that went off track. The subject veered to a different topic, taking double the amount of time as I listened to it in person and on tape. As I became more experienced, I brought the interview subject back to the story. But in today’s world of journalism – where reporters are younger and younger – you might not get the chance to get guidance from the producer.

I wrote a story for Forbes last year, outlining the 5 biggest mistakes I saw leaders make during media interviews. You can read that story here, but if you’re short on time, here’s an outline of the tips.

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CASE STUDY – Media Campaign for Digital Health Brand

Many consumers have heard of the popular weight loss program, Noom, but back in 2016, the brand had little name recognition. But that began to change when MACIAS PR took over their publicity after their previous PR agency failed to deliver.

This case study looks at how MACIAS PR helped elevate the digital health coach via the media. It details the challenges we faced from the start and the deliverables we secured over our 3+ year relationship. You can also read a Linkedin testimonial from the CEO and co-founder of the company on his experiences working with Mark Macias.

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New Mobile App – Last Minute Broadway – Scans the Web for Discounted Broadway Tickets

NEW YORK , December 4, 2018 ( – An Off-Broadway producer has launched a new mobile app that lists every Broadway and Off-Broadway discounted ticket into one location.

The free mobile app, Last Minute Broadway, scans the web for discounted tickets that are rarely promoted or advertised. Last Minute Broadway does not sell theater tickets. Instead, it compiles daily offers into a database so consumers can compare prices and find the cheapest tickets.

Last Minute Broadway is available for free in the iOS and Android app stores. In the process of promoting our own Off-Broadway play, we realized most theaters offer last-minute discounted tickets, but you have to dig to find them on the web. Yes, there are discount theater brokers selling tickets – like TodayTix, and Broad Ticket, but they only list their own offers. They won’t tell you about cheaper tickets for sale on other sites. Last Minute Broadway is the only app that aggregates the best offers and puts them in one location.

The creators of Last Minute Broadway, Mark Macias and Sanne de Groot, say they were inspired to create the mobile app while promoting their own Off-Broadway play on the life of Elvis Presley – “The King, The Final Hours.”

“In the process of promoting our own Off-Broadway play, we realized most theaters offer last-minute discounted tickets, but you have to dig to find them on the web,” said Macias. “Yes, there are discount theater brokers selling tickets – like TodayTix, and Broad Ticket, but they only list their own offers. They won’t tell you about cheaper tickets for sale on other sites. Last Minute Broadway is the only app that aggregates the best offers and puts them in one location.”

What are the Best Broadway or Off-Broadway Shows to See?

Last Minute Broadway also compiles reviews from theatregoers and critics so consumers can read what others are saying before they buy a seat.

“In the process of compiling this database, I saw listings for hundreds of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows in New York alone,” said de Groot. “I didn’t know which shows were good and which were bad. It got me thinking, why don’t we also add reviews from critics and theatregoers so our app users can know if it’s a good show before they buy their tickets.”

Last Minute Broadway also highlights insider secrets that most New York theater enthusiasts already apply, but few tourists and consumers know.

“Most tourists wait in line for hours at TKTS in Times Square for discounted theater tickets, but most don’t know they can buy these same discounted tickets with no lines in Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan and the Upper West Side,” said de Groot. “Last Minute Broadway reveals some of these insider secrets that only a theater buff would know.”

What Broadway Show Should I See?

If users don’t know what type of show they want to see,Last Minute Broadwayoffers suggestions for the most popular Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, complete with discounts and reviews from experts with Show Score and The New York Times.

Last Minute Broadway also features a map of all 40 Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters in Manhattan, helping users see how close the theater is to their location.

Last Minute Broadway is available for free download in the iOS and Android app stores.

How Journalists use Newswires

By Mark Macias

There is a big difference between the newswires and the various PR Newswires. Don’t be misled with the PR newswires, thinking your story will get to journalists by posting a press release on their various platforms. Journalists don’t read PR newswires because they know these stories are nothing but advertisements. Continue reading “How Journalists use Newswires”