Reaching the Growing Hispanic Consumer Market

By Mark Macias

It’s difficult for consumer brands to stand out in the English market. Consumers are bombarded with messages, ads and products across the major mediums. But it’s not like that in the Spanish market.

Most local TV markets have at least 4 local TV stations to watch, and that doesn’t include the independent channels and cable TV. If you want to get your brand in front of these consumers, you need to saturate the media. However, most local TV markets only have two Spanish news organizations – Telemundo and Univision.

There are fewer choices for Spanish speakers. And in many local markets, including Miami, Phoenix and Los Angeles, more people watch Univision on any given night than the other local English stations.

Why Spanish Media Shouldn’t be Overlooked with PR

On Wednesday, MACIAS PR secured the following TV segment for our nonprofit client on Univision 41 in New York. The client told me their organization received over 100 calls from consumers, asking for more information on their educational program.


Spanish media is frequently overlooked by PR firms.  If you haven’t targeted Spanish reporters and producers yet with your brand, you could be missing out new business.

Demographics research shows the minority group is more loyal to brands, especially when they hear about them in their own language. If you watch the Univision segment that we secured on Wednesday, you can see why our story generated so many calls in only a few hours. Our team provided a transcript to the video in case you don’t speak Spanish.

Finance Monthly and ACQ5 5 – an international industry award – named Macias PR the 2017 Strategic PR Firm of the Year, and PR Firm of the Year – USA. This was the third year in a row that Finance Monthly recognized our firm. The founder – Mark Macias – is a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. He is also a PR contributor with CNBC, providing media analysis, insight and crisis advice on timely business topics.