PR vs. Billboard Advertising – Which is Better?

By Yunshuang Bao

MACIAS PR recently received this mailer at work. We couldn’t help but wonder – are business owners actually paying for this kind of marketing?

People move fast on the streets of New York City and rarely pay attention to signs, let alone moving billboards that could run them over.

Mobile billboard advertising is also not targeted. It drives randomly down streets, giving random odds of reaching your targeted customer. So how does this compare to PR?

PR vs Billboard Advertising – How do they Compare?

This print ad makes some bold claims. “Billboards on Wheels” will “increase your sales!” And “85% of your business will come from within a 10 mile radius.” But there is no way to back up those claims.

In PR, you can measure how your media campaign drives sales by monitoring your web traffic. And PR is not a random drive-by. You can target your customer, regardless of age, gender and location. Last month, MACIAS PR secured a news story for our local non-profit client in the Sunday New York Post, which you can read here. That exposure introduced our client directly to the local community.

PR is more Trustworthy than Billboard Advertising

What do you trust more? A news story or an advertisement on the street? The answer is obvious. We consume news for knowledge and our sources for news are likely trustworthy in our minds. News stories bring more credibility to your business. They also reach a more captive audience than advertisements.

PR costs less than Billboard Advertising

The “Billboards on Wheels” does not provide prices on their website. But according to a similar business – BULLDOG Mobile Billboards – the rate is $500 per day for more than four weeks. In addition, business owners must pay printing costs, which can exceed $1100. For one month, a business is easily looking at more than $16000 to advertise with a moving billboard.

PR is way more cost-effective. Budgets for PR vary based on the product, service and media reach, but your business can a PR estimate on our ”PR Estimate” page.

Our team will assess your needs and email you an estimate based on how we see your media campaign progressing, based on complexity and resources. You don’t even have to speak with a person.

Macias PR was named the 2017 Strategic PR Firm of the Year and 2016 and 2015 top PR Firm of the Year – USA by Finance Monthly. The founder – Mark Macias – is a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. He is also a PR contributor with CNBC, providing media analysis, insight and crisis advice on timely business topics.