Power of Enterprise Media Campaigns – Analysis

The news cycle is important when getting media coverage for your brand, but there’s another publicity approach that is frequently overlooked by entrepreneurs and even experienced publicists.

Enterprise story angles are one of the best campaign strategies for earned media coverage. These types of stories do not typically follow the news cycle, so their shelf life extends beyond the day. And unlike news angles that expire when the news cycle is over, enterprise angles can spread from print to TV to online news publications over time. 

This advantage is especially valuable when resources are scarce for pitching reporters and media outlets. This approach essentially gives each media campaign more time to scale. And from a personal perspective, it is a lot less stressful on you since you’re not chasing another person’s deadline. 

Why Enterprise Angles are Frequently Overlooked

Much of my TV career took place in the Special Projects units. Journalism might be dwindling, but these types of units still exist across newsrooms today. Sure, reporters and producers might not be given as much time to assemble their enterprise stories, but their content is still needed to fill the pages and air time on slower news days.

As Executive Producer of Special Projects with NBC in New York, my biggest role was to identify interesting stories that would increase our viewership. These features, consumer and health segments and investigative stories didn’t typically revolve around the day’s news cyle. In most cases, the segment were produced a few days in advance, so their shelf life extended beyond the day.

So why do enterprise stories provide more opportunities for media coverage? 

That’s a very broad question that can fill an entire chapter on PR or journalism. But here is an abridged answer. Enterprise stories distinguish brand coverage among news outlets. 

The Wall Street Journal is one of the best producers of enterprise content, so I’ll use a recent example that highlights how enterprise stories broaden the branding opportunities for your product or service.

Enterprise Example – Cardboard and the Economy

Cardboard is not exactly sexy or cool. In fact, it’s pretty boring, but in December 2023, the WSJ published this extremely creative enterprise article that looks at the relationship between cardboard and our economy. It’s not your typical news peg around the stock market or rising price of oil. This writer took an enterprise approach with an item that is ubiquitous.

Of course I don’t know if a publicist pitched this enterprise angle, but the biggest producers of cardboard packaging were highlighted in the article. It was also flattering for their stock price.

How to Find Solid Enterprise Angles for your Brand

It’s not easy identifying enterprise angles on a consistent basis. The best journalists tap into their industry sources and listen for the nuance. At least that’s what I did as a producer in the Special Projects units with CBS and NBC. We didn’t chase the news. Instead, we “created” it. 

Coming up with a solid enterprise angle for your business isn’t always easy. It’s an art, not a science, so unfortunately, I can’t provide you with the textbook. However, I can tell you the best enterprise stories will drive topics of conversations. As your team starts to brainstorm on enterprise angles around your business, throw out the marketing briefs.

I recently worked with a health tech brand that only wanted to focus their media message around their product. It was a challenge since they didn’t have the elements required for a successful campaign that I outlined in this previous Entrepreneur article.

So I had to get creative. I listened and heard a unique story about the founder and his wife. I lit up and said, that story is perfect. It positions your brand as the focal point and gives us an angle that we can share with women’s magazines, feature and business writers. The founder didn’t like the idea. 

And that leads to my final thought on enterprise campaigns. They will typically revolve around a larger theme. The best publicists will find ways to bring it all together – the big theme and your brand into a topic of conversation that will move consumers.

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