Want to Reach Millennials? Here’s How MACIAS PR did it with a recent campaign

Millennials are now the largest consumer group in the US, with more than 75.4 million members. It’s no wonder brands and companies want to target them. They set emerging trends and with their growing economic clout, Millennials will become a more influential consumer based. We recently secured a media placement for a dating app startup […]

Best PR Firms Dive Deeper for the Story

By Mark Macias I recently read that we’ve explored less than five percent of the ocean. It reminds me of an old journalism saying that real news is what people want to hide, and everything else is publicity. At MACIAS PR, we believe that real news and publicity can work together. When the timely, editorial […]

The Publicity App Upgrades Content With Customized Marketing and PR Strategy

NEW YORK, December 18, 2018 (Newswire.com) – Entrepreneurs, startups and business owners in search of publicity now have a new digital tool to help them identify a customized branding strategy with The Publicity App.   The top tech and healthcare public relations firm, MACIAS PR, has updated The Publicity App with interactive features that include branding and marketing angles for companies looking to […]

The MACIAS PR Depth – Our Expertise and Strategy

By Mark Macias The depth and expertise of MACIAS PR goes deeper than most other PR firms. If you look at our roster depth – and the types of media campaigns we run – you will see a diverse portfolio of clients. And not just in simplistic B2C industries, but also complicated B2B industries. MACIAS […]

MACIAS PR – Named the 2018 Strategic PR Firm of the Year

NEW YORK, October 10, 2018 (Newswire.com) – For the fourth year in a row, MACIAS PR is recognized as one of the best PR firms in the USA based on media and branding campaigns it led for clients in healthcare, technology, financial and nonprofit sectors. This latest recognition comes from the ACQ5 Global Awards, which […]

Q3 Media Report for MACIAS PR – Media Deliverables

NEW YORK – October 1, 2018 – (Newswire.com)  The top tech and healthcare PR firm — MACIAS PR — has released its quarterly media report, detailing the coverage it secured for clients from July to September 2018. MACIAS PR secured TV segments, newspaper and online features that targeted Millennials, women, fitness conscious consumers, voters, theatergoers […]

PR around your Clients – Telling your Story through Customers

By Mark Macias PR is more than just telling your story through the media. An alternative and equally influential media campaign will use customers to tell your story. This form of PR, positioning your customers as characters, is very effective when it comes to hyping the quality of your services. Of course, it must be […]

MACIAS PR Celebrates 9 Years of Growth in Public Relations

New York, New York , May 31, 2018 (Newswire.com) – ​​The top tech and healthcare PR firm, MACIAS PR, celebrates 9 years of growth in the competitive NYC public relations market. During this time, MACIAS PR has grown from a small cubicle with no clients into an award-winning strategic PR and digital marketing firm that […]

Happy Birthday to MACIAS PR – Celebrating 9 Years

By Mark Macias Remember the age of 9? It was so much fun to celebrate your birthday. You wanted the world to know that you were on the cusp of reaching greatness. Next month, MACIAS PR will be celebrating 9 years of being in business. Personally, I’m so excited about this anniversary that I can’t […]