Healthcare PR – Strategies to Get your Healthcare Organization on the News

By Mark Macias How do you get your healthcare or healthtech business on the news? If there were a news algorithm to that formula, trust me, the code would have been hacked and posted already. However, there are ways to increase your chances for coverage with the healthcare media by following a few strategies. 4 […]

Healthcare PR – Is it better to work with a Specialist or a Generalist?

By Mark Macias In the healthcare sector, is it better to work with an industry-related PR firm that specializes in healthcare, or will you get better results with a generalist PR firm that works with different types of industries? You might think this is partial advice since Macias PR runs health tech and healthcare PR […]

Healthcare PR as a Patient Lead Generator

By Mark Macias Healthcare PR is one of the most effective ways to introduce your healthcare services to new clients, regardless of whether you are in the B2B or B2C space. Earlier today, I met with a potential client in the B2B healthcare space that gets paid for their services via third-party insurance providers. Their […]

Healthcare and Tech PR Firm MACIAS PR Releases Q4 Media Report

NEW YORK – January 4, 2019 – ( MACIAS PR has released its quarterly media report, detailing the coverage it secured for clients from October to December 2018. In Q4, MACIAS PR secured national TV segments, newspaper and online features that reached the biggest names in news. Media publications include:  Business Insider, CBS MoneyWatch,, […]

MACIAS PR – Why We Deliver Better Results

MACIAS PR was founded in 2009 by a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS. Journalists and industry peers consistently rank MACIAS PR as one of the best PR Firms based on our results. Over the years, MACIAS PR has launched publicity, media and branding campaigns for companies from all industries. We’ve […]

Connecting the Dots with the Media – Best PR Campaigns

PR is in many ways like a puzzle. The best PR firms will connect the dots and identify the right narrative for your business. An experienced media strategist will also find ways to fit your narrative into the larger, media puzzle. MACIAS PR has a consistent track record for securing stories with the biggest names […]

MACIAS PR – Media Report Q1 2019

NEW YORK, April 4, 2019 ( – The top tech and healthcare PR firm — MACIAS PR — has released its first quarter publicity report, detailing the media coverage it secured for clients from January to March 2019. In January, MACIAS PR secured a TV segment with the top-rated morning show, the NBC Today Show, the showcased the world’s first […]

How to Sell your Story to the Media – PR Advice

By Mark Macias There are several critical elements that lead to earned media, but if I had to sum it down to one word, I’d say it’s “editorial.” Earned media is not about advertising your services to reporters. Journalists aren’t there to listen to a sales pitch. Their job is to identify the news angle. […]

How Much Does PR Cost? MACIAS PR Unveils Free Tool That Reveals Cost

NEW YORK, February 22, 2019 ( – It’s the question every business owner wants to know: How much does PR cost? The top tech and healthcare PR firm MACIAS PR has just unveiled a free tool to help all founders, marketers and business owners identify the cost for any public relations campaign – without even […]

The Best PR Firms leverage Vision, Creativity and Clarity

The most creative people are typically seen as eccentric or even chaotic with their approach to life. It’s great to approach life with that creative flair, but when it comes to successful PR campaigns, clarity is equally important. The foundation for all creative work revolves around clarity. I’ve seen it in the media as an […]