Nonprofit PR – Client on News 12 New Jersey

By Mark Macias

Nonprofit PR will raise the profile of your organization when it is executed correctly.

Our nonprofit client held an event in New Jersey yesterday that introduced their services to veterans. It was all part of Veterans Day and our goal to honor our veterans. An Assemblywoman and the Mayor of Jersey City both showed up at the event.

The 30-second VO introduced our nonprofit client to the community. If you watch the video, you’ll hear an overview directly from the anchor’s mouth on what this organization does.

“It provides free IT training, certification and job placement assistance to young adults in underserved communities and military veterans. More than 80 percent of their graduates are employed full-time.”

It was essentially a commercial in the newscast.

How Nonprofit PR can help your Organization

Many small nonprofits wrongly believe that PR is only for the big organizations. That is not true. Your smaller nonprofit organization can run a smaller PR campaign via efficiency. If you look at that video, it didn’t require as many resources as you might think. Yes, it required an active outreach to the local news desks in New Jersey – and that requires people. It also required a media advisory.

MACIAS PR takes pride in our efficiency. We don’t waste our time and your money by throwing resources at aimless ideas. We focus our efforts on media angles and events that we believe can lead to coverage.

Macias PR was named the 2017 Strategic PR Firm of the Year and 2016 and 2015 top PR Firm of the Year – USA by Finance Monthly. The founder – Mark Macias – is a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. He is also a PR contributor with CNBC, providing media analysis, insight and crisis advice on timely business topics.