Marketing to Gen. Z – A Closer Look at their Post Pandemic Views

How quickly the world of tech and business move. It seems like yesterday we were discussing how Millennials were disrupting the workforce. But there’s a bigger change in business that is right around the corner.

In less than 5 years, Generation Z is projected to overtake Millennials when it comes to buying power. If you’re trying to sell any product or service, you better learn quickly how to target this sophisticated group of consumers.

Unlike previous generations, social media won’t put you over the finish line. And you can forget about TV commercials. So how do you reach and motivate Generation Z? Read on to see what our online survey found.

How to Reach and Motivate Gen Z

MACIAS PR recently worked with the online news portal, Brooklyn Chatter, to gain more insight into this generation. The site creates content for Gen Z and wanted to see what their views are on a post-pandemic world.

When it comes to the workforce, Gen. Z doesn’t want to work from home. Our survey found more than half – 52 percent – say they want to split their work time between the office and home.

Roughly 27 percent of Gen. Z participants say they want to spend all 40-hours at the office. And in a surprise twist, only 2 percent said they wanted to continue full-time with this remote working.

How Gen. Z Views Social Media

Facebook and Instagram have created a new customer pipeline over the last 10 years, but that acquisition strategy could disappear over the next 5 years.

Unlike Generation X, which is on Facebook, Generation Z has already tuned out FB. No participants said Facebook was their first choice for social media.

Instagram continues to be the most popular social media platform for Gen Z. 60 percent say that’s their first choice, followed by Tik Tok (22.5 percent) and Twitter (10 percent). Reddit popped up on the survey with 5 percent of Gen. Z say it’s their go-to source for social media.

When it comes to wealth, 47 percent of survey participants believe the current system prevents their generation from achieving wealth; 27 percent believe that if a person works hard, he/she can achieve anything; 25 percent want to replace capitalism.

Where Gen Z Wants to Live after the Pandemic

Everyone is talking about how COVID ignited a rapid move from the cities for younger generations. And it’s true that large cities, like New York and Boston, had a population deficit in 2020.

But when the pandemic ends, don’t look for this younger generation to go off the grid in Iowa or Wyoming.

An astonishing 65 percent of those surveyed say they want to live and work in a big city like New York, Boston, or LA over the next 2-3 years.

Only 10 percent said they want to “leave the grid” and move to a small town. 12 percent said they would like to move back home, and another 12 percent said they’d like to move to another country.

How Gen Z Survey was Conducted

MACIAS PR surveyed 2,240 Americans, ages 18-24, from March 18 to 29th. The online survey targeted these consumers with online questions at popular news sites they visit. In addition, the survey was shared by popular Gen. Z groups – Her Campus, Gals in Journalism and the Young Journalist Community.

If you’re interested in conducting a survey or scientific poll, MACIAS PR can help. We’ve run political polls for Congressional candidates and consumer surveys for different clients. Reach out to us if you’d like to hear more.