Important Branding Fundamentals to Remember

By Mark Macias

Forbes recently ran an article,  “16 Branding Fundamentals New Businesses Should Remember.” As part of their research, their editors reached out to me asking what branding advice I would have for their readers.

I didn’t want to give the obvious, so I thought about my own clients and some of the mistakes I saw them make over the years. Here’s what I told Forbes.

“The CEO is a crucial component for any successful branding campaign. Think Jobs, Musk, Zuckerberg—you know their companies. I’ve worked with a lot of brands that don’t like to use their CEO in the media and I don’t understand it. Any CEO must be receptive to speaking with the media, discussing business trends and thought leadership with reporters. The best publicists know how to leverage the CEO.”

Leverage Your CEO with Branding

This was top-of-mind because for a few years, our agency worked with a digital health brand that didn’t want to give us access to their CEO. I understand the CEO is likely busy, but the corporate gate-keepers actually made our job more difficult. How could we identify trends or position the brand as a leader if we weren’t given access to any of this insight?

I tried to share my concerns with the marketing team but they said they assured me the CEO didn’t want to speak with the media. Making this even more frustrating, one of their biggest competitors was leveraging their CEO on CNBC as they prepared for an upcoming IPO.

Don’t make that mistake. If you’re the CEO or founder of a company, you need to leverage that title, role and experience for media coverage. I understand if maybe the CEO is shy or reserved, but at the root, the top sales guy needs to be the over-exposed guy selling the product.

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