How to Measure the ROI of PR

By Mark Macias

It’s one of the more popular questions I hear when discussing PR with new clients: How do you measure the ROI or effectiveness of a PR campaign?

There are actually many methods to measure a successful PR campaign– 1) number of media placements and the influence of their reach; 2) the demographics of those readers (certain demographics are worth more to reach than others; 3) the credibility from the media exposure 4) actual sales, which can be measured through links published in the news story 5) and SEO – since search engines now use news stories and blogger comments to measure the value of a website.

Measure the ROI of PR through Influence

There is another ROI of PR that is frequently overlooked. It’s not as easy to measure as the number of media placements, but it’s actually more effective and leads to higher revenue for brands.

Researchers with Motista – a consumer analytics firm – discovered 10 actions or urges – called “emotional motivators” that drive consumers to make a purchase. These “emotional motivators” are also a subconscious factor in most news stories you read and if played correctly, they can bring another ROI from your media campaign.

You can read more about those emotional motivators by clicking here. The VLOG below gives you more of my personal experience on how you can improve the ROI of your PR campaign.

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